August 8, 2022

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8 Secrets of Being a Successful Person That Are Rarely Known, Interested in Trying It?

Everyone wants to live a successful life, it doesn’t make sense if there are people who don’t want to live a successful life and want their life to be miserable or full of backwards. Although we know the meaning of success in everyone is different, but a successful life actually leads to happiness in living life.

But being a successful person is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, of course it takes hard struggle and sacrifice. There is no happiness without struggle, and no success without sacrifice. So if you want to live a successful life, you are certainly willing to face all the risks that will occur.

Behind that, being a successful person also has an important secret. According to Michael Jeffreys, a well-known author, reveals that there are 8 secrets of success. He found this during an interview with 15 top motivators in 1997 which was later used as reference material in his book. Among the motivator figures he interviewed were Brian Tracy and dr. Wayne Dyer.

Of the 8 secrets of success referred to by Michael Jeffreys, of course, it is still relevant to be applied today, among those secrets, namely:

1. Take 100% responsibility for your own life

To be successful, you must be ready to be yourself. We should not blame others for our own problems. When we blame others for our own problems, we acknowledge that our success is determined by others.

It’s clear to be a negative stigma if you think that success is determined by others. So, if we can be responsible and assume that we are the only ones who determine our success, of course we will also be able to feel the meaning of struggle and success.

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2. Deliberately living life

The purpose of deliberately living life is that we pay attention to always try and be able to do everything well, meaning not to underestimate the time we have for unimportant things, this is a characteristic of successful people’s lives. Unlike the case of people who are not successful, he will try to live life just like that and try not to be faced with problems. Even if you are faced with a problem, you just let it swell without any effort to solve it.

3. Willing to pay the price

Successful people are certainly ready to take all risks. For example, if you want a luxury car and have a nice house, of course many people want that. But are we willing to pay the price? Are we willing to sacrifice our money and leisure time? This is one of the big differences between successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people are always ready to face any risks that may occur.

4. Stay focused

Focus means sacrificing something because we want to invest our time in something that will give greater results later. This means that successful people must be able to focus on the goals they want to achieve, they cannot look left and right, let alone stop to reach their dreams.

Being successful, of course, is often faced with various challenges and problems, but if you want to achieve the goals you dream of, you must always get up and stay focused on realizing the goals you have dreamed of. Like the philosophy of “knock, bump, bump, and eventually form.”

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5. Become an expert in our own field

Successful people are those who can take their field seriously. They will always try their best for what they do and always try to fix their mistakes. Pursuing your own field of course requires skill, passion, and serious will, in order to get the best results.

6. Write a plan to achieve the goal

Plans include paths and directions to reach our goals. Reaching a destination without a plan is like taking a car from Surabaya to Jakarta without maps or google maps. We may not be familiar with this wise saying, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

7. Not easy to give up

If we are already committed to achieving our goals, then giving up is not an option. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals and strive to do so constantly. If we’ve done little by little, then over time it will also become easy.

8. Don’t procrastinate

No one knows how much time is left before reaching their dreams. Time will go on and we know that we do not live forever in this world, sooner or later we will surely leave it. Even successful people know this, but they don’t see it as a negative thing. Instead they make it as a motivator, they will try their best to reach their dreams, while they still have them.

Those are the 8 secrets of being a successful person, now the choice is in our hands to be a successful person or a failure, want to be a special person or an ordinary person. However, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want to live a successful life, so let’s keep fighting and practice the secrets of a successful life as stated by Michael Jeffreys, hopefully it will be useful.

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