August 18, 2022

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8 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Reading, Some Are More Interesting!

How many people around you read books? Then look at how many books you’ve read this year. Have you finished reading a book or not at all?

There are many reasons why people don’t like reading, but reading is very exciting for some people.

Here are 8 reasons why people don’t like reading.

1. Being in an environment that doesn’t like reading

More or less, your identity is formed in the environment, whether the environment in which you live or the circle of your friends. If you often see people around you reading books, you will be moved to read too, and vice versa.

If the people around you are more engrossed in other activities such as watching dramas, playing social media, or playing online games, then you will also be moved to try these activities.

2. Thinking that books are boring

There are some people who think that textbooks are very boring, but not by reading fiction like novels. However, there are also books that think that all books are boring. In fact, it’s not like that, you know.

3. Don’t know what to read

Not knowing why reading can be the reason why someone doesn’t like reading. If you already know what you need, also know the benefits of reading, you will definitely stop thinking like this. The reason is, in addition to getting what you are looking for, reading can also be used as a means of entertainment.

4. Haven’t found an interesting book yet

What kind of interesting book is it? To answer this question, you don’t ask other people, but ask yourself what you find interesting and then look for books with that theme.

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If you already know what might be interesting for you to read, choose a book with a few pages but a lot of recommendations. That way, you can finish the book.

5. Haven’t felt what it’s like to read

In a book there will be a series of dictions that will make you stunned to the point of quoting it and sharing it on social media. However, people who haven’t come across these words will definitely not like reading.

Therefore, find an interesting book, then read it. There is a lot of information contained in the book, even if it is a novel. In the description contained in a book, you can even feel what it’s like to explore the world. Interesting, right?

6. Prefer to spend time playing social media, playing games and watching movies or dramas

The existence of everything in the cell phone makes us forget to read a book. We are more interested in other people’s news on social media, playing online games so that we can grow up or playing together with friends, to watching movies or dramas.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can spend two minutes reading a book every day.

Because many films or dramas are based on a novel, you can try reading the novel after watching it if you want to get a different sensation. Who knows, the novel will be more exciting than the film or drama version.

7. The price of the book is expensive

In Indonesia, the price of books is still quite expensive. This is the reason why many Indonesians do not like to read.

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Actually, if you are interested in reading, you can read the free ebook version like in the iPusnas application. Besides being free and legal, there are interesting ebooks out there.

8. Lazy

The main reason for not liking to read books is because they are lazy to read books. In fact, if you change your mind by making reading a lazy activity, you must have finished reading several books this year.

Are there any reasons above that match the reasons you don’t like reading? If so, try to get to know yourself and read books that you find interesting, yes.