September 27, 2022

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8 Mental Signs You’re Growing Up, Are You One?

Is it true that a person’s maturity can be measured by increasing age? Maybe for some people yes. However, it needs to be explored further, that a person’s maturity cannot simply be measured by age, but from the ability to have a mature mindset and be able to control his emotions.

So, what are the signs that if the mindset is mature?

1. Can sort out what’s good and what’s bad

Sorting out what is good and what is bad is a choice in your life. When you are an adult, a good choice is a form of awareness of the right mindset, both in relationships, work and other things.

2. Think before you act

Your maturity will mature if you are able to control yourself when dealing with various things. You will think a lot about solutions and not harm others.

3. Be proud when criticized

Accepting criticism is not easy to accept, but this is what we can use as a guide in life, especially when pursuing a career or ideals, of course there will be a lot of criticism that we will receive. It is this kind of thing that we need to remember, that criticism is a form of self-introspection.

4. Seeing things from a positive point of view

Keep your selfishness away when there is any problem. You have to open up a positive point of view of things wisely.

5. Finding solutions, admitting mistakes and not blaming

Problems will keep coming and going, you won’t be able to solve problems if you keep avoiding them, and that’s not a solution. But when a problem comes, you only think about how to solve it.

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If you make a mistake, don’t ever get caught up in avoiding it, especially until you make someone else’s scapegoat, admit it honestly because that way you will be wiser, mature and learn.

6. Can understand other people

Maybe when you were a child, you always wanted understanding from other people. Now that you are an adult, try to understand more deeply about other people.

7. Not young to be provoked by emotions

Because you can sort out what’s good and bad, and also always think before you act, you don’t get emotional easily. You as much as possible control your emotions longer and communicate well.

8. Not thirsty for praise

Remember, your goal is not about other people’s praise of you. But about how to be humble, tolerate and help out in goodness.

Maturity is not about age, but divinity is about attitude. Learn to control yourself as best you can. Remember that nothing is instant.