October 1, 2022


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8 Easy Steps to Loving Yourself, Have They Been Implemented?

Self-love or self-love is now commonly said. Although easy to say, implementing self-love is quite difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself. We can start trying to love ourselves before loving others. Because of this self-love, we will get many benefits.

Here 8 easy steps to love yourself

1. Care about appearance

Caring for appearance solely for yourself is a form of self-care. Where self-care shows concern for yourself which will later make you self-love alias love yourself.

For example, you do self-care, use soap or shampoo with your favorite scent, beautify yourself so that you are happy, meditate, and exercise. Stuff like this is easy to do, isn’t it?

2. Respect yourself

How does it feel to be appreciated by others? Definitely fun. Before wanting to be appreciated by others, try to respect yourself. For example, by staying away from toxic people who can’t respect you. Then, be proud of your achievements. Really proud without any element of comparing your achievements with others.

3. Do what you say

When you say you are going to exercise today, then suddenly change your mind, this will make you underestimate yourself. In other words, you will find it difficult to change habits because you often just talk without taking action. Another word for self-deprecation is a lack of self-integrity. If your self-integrity is high, you will keep the promises you make to yourself.

The better your self-integrity, the more you will love yourself. Because later you can trust yourself that you are reliable and honest.

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4. Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house, especially the room, will make your mood positive. There will be a lot of inspiration and good energy flowing when you clean the house. Apart from keeping your house clean, you will also love yourself because this makes you excited and reduces feelings of anxiety.

5. Do what you like

In this day and age, knowing the things you like is difficult because there are electronic devices that make you lazy to explore many things. Stop looking at other people’s lives being showcased on social media. Save your phone and do what you love so you can love yourself. Say, it’s me time to get to know the person closest to you, namely yourself.

6. Forgive yourself

Trying to do a lot of things beyond our limits, until finally what we want doesn’t happen and then blaming ourselves is a sign that we are even too hard on ourselves. Try it, forgive what happened. You can’t do everything, and humans are far from perfect. Making mistakes is a human thing and you are not the only one who can make mistakes. So start forgiving yourself and start loving yourself.

7. Accept yourself as you are

When you love someone else, you will be willing to accept him as he is without protest. Try to do that acceptance on yourself, then stop comparing yourself to others. Stop being insecure in terms of physical, appearance, even life achievements.

You are unique, whatever happens in your life accept it. Never deny what is in you because later it will lead to you hating yourself.

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8. Say nice things to yourself

The final step to loving yourself is to say something nice about yourself. Say what you want to hear from the other person through your own mouth out loud. Don’t expect to get validation from other people who don’t necessarily say what you want to hear from them.

For example, when you want to hear someone compliment you on your beauty, tell yourself that I am beautiful. It’s easy, right? There’s no need to hear confessions from other people which you might not hear if you can say it yourself as soon as possible. It may seem strange, but when you say positive words to yourself every day, you will find it becomes a habit. It will also make you someone who doesn’t want validation from others and makes you confident.

These 8 steps are easy to do, right? So, don’t delay to start loving yourself. Even if you love yourself, you will become a better person and of course, be respected by others.