December 6, 2022

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7 Types of Weird and Unique Phobias, Some Are Afraid of Beautiful Women!

Phobia or fear of something is not a foreign thing. There are people who are afraid of certain things or things, even though other people are normal about the same things or things.

There are some people who are afraid of narrow spaces, to the point of being afraid of certain animals. However, have you ever heard of people who have a fear or phobia of money?

There are many different types of phobias, some of which sound strange and unique but are true. Excerpted from a book compiled by the Tempo Data and Analysis Center Team entitled Weird but Real Phobias: from Fear of Food to Fear of Money, The following are some of the unique and strange types of phobias that a person suffers from. What are you?

1. Allodoxaphobia

People who have this phobia are afraid of opinions, so people who have this phobia can do anything to avoid or listen to the opinions of others. Their palms will sweat and their heart rate will increase when people with this phobia listen to other people’s opinions.

2. Arachibutyrophobia

As the name implies, this phobia is one type of phobia that is quite unique. Sounds weird and funny but it’s true. This phobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the palette (a container for placing paint when painting).

3. Basiphobia

This type of phobia is the fear of standing, even walking. This usually happens to people who have experienced a serious accident whose impact completely changed their life so that they became traumatized.

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4. Caligynephobia

Another unique phobia is the fear of seeing a beautiful female character indirectly. Just like other phobias, people who have this phobia will experience conditions such as fast heart rate and shortness of breath. This can happen when they see or watch beautiful female characters in various visual media, such as television screens, computers, or cell phones.

5. Chrometophobia

There are types of phobias related to money. Someone who suffers from this phobia will feel afraid of losing the money he has. Because of this, sufferers really avoid things that can cost them money. They are too afraid their money will run out or run out.

6. Decidophobia

As the name implies, people who have this phobia will feel very afraid of making big decisions involving money or affecting the lives of others. During the time period of the phobia, they become dependent on other people because they cannot decide anything.

7. Dextrophobia

This phobia is no less unique, namely the fear of having things placed or placed on the right side of the body.

Those are seven types of phobias that are unique and strange, but they really do exist. Phobias fall into the category anxiety disorder or anxiety disorders. Therefore, people who suffer from phobias have an irrational fear of certain things.

We should not underestimate someone’s phobia and make their fear a joke, that is not the right thing to do at all.