October 1, 2022


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7 Types of Love You Should Know, Have You Experienced It?

What kind of love do you know and have you known all along? it turns out, love also has its kind, you know! According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, there are seven types of love that we can recognize and understand. What about?

Quoted from the writings of Bella A. (2022), the word love itself is not just an ordinary figure of speech. Love can make us feel always happy, excited in carrying out daily activities, can give us hope, and can reduce stress levels.

Then, what are the seven types of love? Quoted from the writings of Dian M. (2018) and Ramadhania Q. (2022), the following are some types of love that are built by three components (closeness, desire, and commitment), let’s have a look.

1. Like or liking

The first kind of love is the feeling of liking or liking. This feeling will encourage us to feel a closeness and attraction to someone. Even though it’s still in the like or stage liking, This feeling can also be categorized as love, you know.

2. Empty or empty love

Emptiness of love is usually based on the nature of compulsion. For example, forced love because of arranged marriages. This type of love is usually based on a feeling of commitment, without feeling the love itself.

3. Infatuated or infatuated love

It’s the first time you’ve met, but you’re already infatuated with him. Love at first sight can be said to be a type of love infatuated love. You don’t really know him but you’re already crazy about him.

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4. Romantic or romantic love

The fourth type of love is romantic or romantic love. This love is formed from desire and closeness. Romantic stories in school or commonly referred to as monkey love can be categorized into this type of love.

5. Drunk in love or fatuous love

The relationship that underlies this type of love is a sense of sheer desire so that they often make hasty decisions together, so don’t be surprised if it ends badly.

6. Companionate or companionate love

This type of love is one type of love that is coveted by everyone. Have you ever seen a couple who have lived together for a long time but still look harmonious and happy? This kind of love that grows between them.

7. Perfect or consummate love

This is the kind of love that everyone crave. Perfect love. Although no one is perfect, but if you manage to feel perfection with your partner’s presence, then you and your partner are in the perfect type of love. Not that this type of love frees you from all problems, but you and your partner can handle it well.

Those are the seven types of love according to psychologist Robert Sternberg. Have you ever tasted any? Of course not all types of love have all positive sides, in fact there are some that we must avoid such as empty love.