September 27, 2022

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7 Signs of a Toxic Relationship, Make a Decision Immediately So You Don’t Hurt

The term toxic relationship often appears to mean the state of a person who feels tired or unhappy after spending time with a partner or friend.

The use of the word toxic comes from the word Toxic in English which means poison because indeed the relationship is not good and harmful.

However, many people still don’t really understand the signs of a toxic relationship. Here are 7 signs of a toxic relationship that you need to be aware of Healthline.

1. Reduced support

The first sign is that you feel that the time you have spent together is no longer positive. You are no longer supported, while you also feel like they only care about what they want and think you are unimportant.

2. Unhealthy communication

Conversations that you have with friends or partners are no longer contained. Conversations are dominated by sarcasm or criticism and are often motivated by insults. In addition, you also start to avoid their calls, only to escape the inevitable arguments and hostility.

3. Jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship is natural. There are certain times when you may feel jealous. However, this is a sign that your relationship is starting to become toxic if the jealousy makes you not think positively about the success of your partner or friend.

Jealousy that breeds constant suspicion and distrust can erode the relationship with your friend or partner.

4. Possessive

Another sign in a toxic relationship is possessiveness. This behavior may stem from jealousy or a lack of trust, but overdoing it can lead to a toxic relationship.

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5. Dishonesty

Dishonesty in a relationship is not good. Maybe you lied to avoid other problems with friends or partners.

However, if you keep lying to your friends or partner, it will make your relationship worse even though you are lying for the common good. It’s better to say it as it is and it’s up to a friend or partner to respond.

6. Constant stress

Various life challenges can trigger a person to become stressed. But if you’re constantly on edge, even when you’re not dealing with stress from outside sources, it can be a major indicator that something is wrong in your relationship.

7. Ignoring one’s own needs

Following whatever your partner or friend does, even when it’s against your will or comfort is a sign of the next toxic relationship. You do not have the opportunity to fulfill your own desires and always say ‘yes’ on various occasions.

Here are 7 signs that your relationship is getting toxic. Better to find a way out immediately so as not to harm yourself. May be useful!