July 2, 2022


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7 Fun Activities to Fill Your School Vacation So It’s Not Boring

Who isn’t happy about the holidays after we return to school, even though it’s still limited PTM? Even though we are happy, we also feel bored at the same time because we don’t meet friends. To overcome this, we can do several activities. Here are 7 fun activities to fill your school holidays so they don’t get boring.

1. Marathons of movies and series you haven’t seen

Movie marathons and watching series that you haven’t had time to watch are fun activities to do when you have a lot of free time. After messing around with exams a while ago, now start having fun.

Start making a schedule to watch Korean drama series or other dramas that you haven’t had time to watch during the exam. Become a drama follower on going There’s nothing wrong with being on vacation either.

2. Tidy up the house, especially the room and study table

You can maximize your house cleaning while on vacation. Take a good look at your room and start rearranging it. Don’t forget to clean your study desk so that you also become enthusiastic about learning. By cleaning the room, in addition to making you comfortable with a new atmosphere, you will also be in a good mood. It’s not fun, right, if you’re in a bad mood when you’re on vacation?

3. Cooking

Cooking can be done by anyone without genre restrictions. Because you have a lot of free time, all you have to do is cook delicious food that you want to try without having to leave the house hot.

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After all, trying homemade dishes is a matter of pride, especially if the people around you give a good response.

4. Reading books

Even though we are on vacation, our brains must still receive knowledge. You can also read serialized novels that you haven’t had time to read. After all, no one will stop me even if I read a marathon of fantasy books with an extraordinary number of pages.

5. Gardening

Make your home more beautiful by gardening. Whether you plant flowers, plants that are used as medicine or something else. Every now and then you need to leave the house to get an adequate supply of fresh air, so gardening can make you fresher. Not far too, because you can garden in the yard.

6. Sports

Maintaining health during the holidays is important. So, don’t forget to exercise at least 150 minutes a week. You can jog around the house every morning, swim, and even exercise with your family, for example by playing badminton, basketball or volleyball.

7. Do what you want to do

Make a wish list that has not been fulfilled while you were in school, now make it a reality. If you want to deepen your hobby, then do it. If you want enough sleep, you can sleep longer.

Hangout You can also do it with friends, or go for a movie. As long as it makes you happy, you’re free to do it.

Those are 7 activities you can do to fill your vacation, fun, right? Remember, yes, even though you are on vacation you also need to study so that when you are about to enter school you are not overwhelmed with the lessons.

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