October 6, 2022


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7 Amazing and Unique August Competition Recommendations

It’s only a matter of days, towards Indonesia’s birthday celebration. Have you prepared what kind of competition will be held? Or are you the group of people who are fighting for prizes?

No wonder, August 17 is the day people have been waiting for. There is a lot of excitement created through the moments made during this important event. Well, here are some recommendations for the Augustan competition that are no less exciting!

1. Pitch dark make up

Make groups with a maximum of 5 people. The four people in charge of makeup would sit in a row with their eyes closed. Now, another person sat facing the group line and was ready to make up the relay.

2. Pull sound

Not a singing competition, huh. Voting is done by 2 people. Each group will get an animal sound through the lottery process, for example the sound of a cat, dog, frog, gecko, etc.

How to play, one person along with the opponents will be gathered in a wide area with their eyes closed. Meanwhile, group mates are tasked with imitating animal sounds to call their friends. So, make sure your group consists of people who speak loudly and have good hearing, OK!

3. Water relay

Groups of 5 people line up with buckets of water at the end of the line. They must transfer the water using their bare hands in a relay. The last person in charge of moving the water on hand into an empty mineral bottle.

4. Guess the style

This one you definitely know how to play. You simply imitate the style of a sentence made by the committee in front of your group. For the committee, make sure to make sentences that are difficult and gokil, yes!

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5. Tomato dance

Groups of two will hold the tomatoes against their foreheads. Sometimes the players have to dance when the committee sets the music. The group whose tomatoes fall is declared the loser. The winner can also be determined through the tomatoes of players who are still very good.

6. Smart RT

Just like other people, but this time the committee had to make a unique question about the RT environment. It could be like, what is the full name of Mr. RT’s wife? How old is Mr. Jejen’s son? Or, how much is the garbage fee if there are so many family members?

7. Outbound

Who says outbongs have to be done in nature-themed places? Complex children can too, you know. The committee can prepare puzzles, questions, challenges, and mysterious items to certain houses or places to complete the mission. To make it more exciting, each group must dress up in a style determined through a lottery process. And don’t forget to prepare yells, okay?

Those are 7 exciting and exciting competition recommendations to fill the Augustan competition in your area. So, which one are you interested in trying?