August 14, 2022

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6 WayV YouTube Content That Can Overcome Your Boredom, Must Watch!

For those of you who are bored and confused about what to do, you really can try watching some YouTube content from fans member this WayV.

Each of them has its own content with different themes. From cooking content to foreign language learning content, here’s a series of YouTube WayV content that you should watch.

1. TEN X YangYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge!

TEN X YangYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! (YouTube/WayV)

As the title suggests, this is a collaboration content between Ten and Yangyang. This content displays a variety of exciting activities carried out by the two member this WayV. Among them such as cooking, visiting animal shelters, trying indoor skydiving, and many more.

TEN X YangYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! itself now has ten episodes shared on YouTube. In several episodes, Ten and Yangyang also often create content together member Another WayV.

2. WINformation

WINformation (YouTube/WayV)
WINformation (YouTube/WayV)

Then, there is content brought by Winwin entitled WINformation. This content consisting of ten episodes was created to satisfy the curiosity and curiosity of fans.

Winwin had the opportunity to answer various funny and interesting questions from fans that he had previously chosen and read. Member Other WayVs also appear alternately in the content WINformation this.

3. I Love You 3M

I Love You 3M (YouTube/WayV)
I Love You 3M (YouTube/WayV)

I Love You 3M become the next WayV YouTube content that is also worth watching. This is vlog content that follows Lucas’ daily activities which he uploads once a month.

I Love You 3M created to fulfill Lucas’ promise to fans. Previously, he promised if his latest Instagram post reached 3 million likes, he will upload one new vlog every month. It doesn’t take long, target likes that was finally achieved. After that, Lucas started sharing the first vlog for February 2021.

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4. The Lonely Master Chef XIAO

The Lonely Master Chef XIAO (YouTube/WayV)
The Lonely Master Chef XIAO (YouTube/WayV)

Next, there is a cooking content from Xiaojun entitled The Lonely Master Chef XIAO. Don’t expect serious cooking content here. Because, this content will only present Xiaojun’s hilarious actions when cooking various menus simple mainstay.

If normally other people would explain every cooking step he did, then Xiaojun was different. He didn’t say anything at all. Even so, that is precisely what makes this content interesting to watch.

5. (Un)official Cantonese Class with Teacher HENDERY

(Un)official Cantonese Class with Teacher HENDERY (YouTube/WayV)
(Un)official Cantonese Class with Teacher HENDERY (YouTube/WayV)

Hendery invites fans to learn Cantonese together through his content (Un)official Cantonese Class with Teacher HENDERY. By wearing a neat suit and glasses, Hendery turns into a language teacher who will inspire you to learn.

In this five-episode content, Hendery brings a wealth of material in Cantonese. Not only that, there is also a video example of a conversation which is also played by Hendery himself.

6. KUN’s Cloud

KUN's Cloud (YouTube/WayV)
KUN’s Cloud (YouTube/WayV)

Lastly, there are KUN’s Cloud. This is a vlog content that displays various activities that Kun does in his daily life. Not YouTube, Kun initially shared this content through his personal Instagram and Weibo social media and not infrequently several member WayV also appears here.

For those of you who are curious to see how Kun while riding a plane, do skydiving, until paragliding, you really deserve to watch this one content.

So, those were six WayV YouTube content recommendations that you can watch to overcome your boredom. So, happy watching!