December 6, 2022

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6 Tips You Can Try When You Need Writing Ideas, Google Trends is one of them!

Wrestling with the world of writing is not an easy thing, let alone having made it a profession. Many people sometimes feel stuck, feeling that there are no ideas to write down. This often makes them bored and finally lazy to write, even though it is one of the demands that must be resolved immediately. Here I share tips so that you don’t run out of ideas in writing:

1. Use google trends

Google trends is one of the websites produced by Google to be able to check what people are currently looking for. If an information is sought after by many people, it means that the information may be important or it could be a problem for those who are looking for a solution. For those of you who are looking for writing ideas, you can use the topics on Google Trends as writing ideas.

2. Read similar articles

If you feel that you already have an idea or a ‘topic’ of writing, sometimes some of you may be confused about where to start writing. If you are in that position, you can read similar articles that you can find on the internet, books, and magazines. Just read the article, you can combine how other people write with your own style. This is quite useful for you, the more you read, you can also get a lot of inspiration for writing ideas.

3. Go to places that make you comfortable

Many factors cause why you feel confused about writing ideas, one of which is that you are bored with your surroundings. Every now and then, try going to a park or café. A comfortable place will make you relax so you can think clearly. Keep in mind, when you relax, writing ideas can appear. For some people, this method is quite work it and you can try it.

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4. Social media

Today, social media has become part of people’s lifestyles. There are lots of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and others that you can use as alternatives to come up with ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere, looking at pictures, reading information or watching videos can inspire you to write.

5. Listen to podcasts

In this digital era, there are many means to get information, one of them is through podcasts. You can find information by listening to podcasts and start turning them into writing ideas. Start listening to podcasts and find writing ideas from there!

6. Chat

When you feel like you don’t have writing ideas, chatting with other people can be an alternative so you can get writing ideas. Try asking questions that lead to things they enjoy or tell each other about their experiences. Talking to other people can open your horizons to things you’ve never felt or didn’t even know before. You can try this method, you can also chat about problems that are often experienced by the interlocutor.

Next, you can find solutions to the problems faced by that person based on personal experience or by searching the internet, then start writing about it and share it on your blog so that other people who may need the information can read it.

Those are six tips so that you don’t run out of ideas in writing. The tips above you can do right now, good luck!