July 2, 2022


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6 Things You Should Know About Cucumber Benefits for the Body

Cucumber is a type of fruit that is classified as a vegetable. Cucumbers are usually consumed directly, used as fresh vegetables, made into juice, or as an addition to vegetable salads. Cucumber has a slightly sweet and refreshing taste, making it one of the favorite vegetables for most people. So, did you know that actually this cucumber has various benefits that are good for the body? Quoting from page OnHealth.comHere are 6 things you should know about the benefits of cucumber for the body.

1. Prevents Dehydration

Cucumber contains high water content, which is about 95% per 1 cucumber. Therefore, consuming cucumber will keep your body hydrated and make your kidneys work optimally.

2. Helps Control Weight

Cucumber has a low calorie count, which is about 15 cal per 100 g of cucumber. On the other hand, cucumbers also contain soluble fiber and high water content. This will make the body feel full faster so that weight can be controlled.

3. Sufficient Vitamin and Mineral Needs

Cucumbers contain vitamins and minerals that can meet your daily needs, such as: B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. Various vitamins and minerals are important to support metabolic activities in the body.

4. Control Blood Sugar Levels

When blood sugar levels are high, more cell-damaging substances will be produced, causing damage to the body, by consuming cucumbers containing curcubitacin will help release the hormone insulin from the pancreas so that blood sugar levels can be controlled, as well as these cell-destroying substances.

5. Prevents Oxidative Stress

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Cucumbers contain various antioxidant compounds, such as flavonoids, lignans, and triterpenes that can prevent oxidative stress, so that the cells in the body will be protected from free radical attack. In addition, these antioxidants can prevent inflammation such as in arthritis conditions.

6. Overcoming Constipation

In addition to preventing the body from staying hydrated, it turns out that the high water content in cucumbers also plays a role in overcoming constipation, and makes digestion smoother.

Those are 6 things you should know about the benefits of cucumber for the body, hopefully it will be useful.