October 6, 2022


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6 Steps to Planting Lemons for Fast Fruiting and Healthy Growing

Lemon is a citrus variant that has a variety of benefits. In addition to flavoring food, lemon can be processed for drinks, diet and beauty products. Lemons also contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. You can also grow it yourself in your yard, considering that this fruit usually grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Here are 6 ways to grow lemons so that they bear fruit quickly, as quoted on the Cybex page of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

1. Land Mapping

Make sure the land for planting has loose soil and good organic matter. This is to meet the nutrients needed by lemon plants. Plant lemons in an open space to get enough sunlight and free from weeds or other nuisance plants.

2. Preparation of Planting Media

Land for lemon cultivation needs to be cleared first of weeds or other nuisance plants. Next, loosen the land and make a mound of soil that will later be planted with seeds. Give the distance between one plant to another. In addition, pay attention to the depth of the planting hole by adjusting the roots of the seedling.

3. Seed Preparation

You can get lemon seeds by buying them at a quality-assured farm shop. Preparation of seeds is important because it will affect the lemons when harvested later.

4. Planting

Lemons can be planted by planting the seeds in the mound that has been created. Make sure the lemon plants that have been planted get enough sunlight and water.

5. Care

Lemon plants need to be fertilized a maximum of four times a year using a mixture or combination of manure, compost, NPK, and ZK. Fertilizers must be given at the right dose and at the right time. Also do the eradication of pests and diseases that attack lemon plants such as caterpillars, fruit flies, mites, and other pests.

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To increase the number of branches so that the productivity of the lemon plant increases, it is necessary to trim some of the main stems of the plant. Too many stems in the first harvest season also need to be pruned for fruit productivity in the coming year.

6. Harvest Time

Lemons can usually be harvested after three to five years. However, harvesting can be faster if planting is done through vegetative seeds.

That’s 6 ways to grow lemons to quickly bear fruit and grow. May be useful.