September 24, 2022

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6 Signs Your Cat Likes You, Ever Seen One?

If you have a cat at home or meet a cat on the street, you must have come across the signs below. Cats are also quite sensitive animals and not many people get along or get along well with some cats. But often, cats show you some signs that have other meanings.

Summarize PET MDHere are six signs that your cat likes you.

1. Slow Flash

In animal species, actually eye contact should be avoided because it can be said to be aggressive. In contrast to cats who show admiration through eye contact and often look straight into the eyes of those they trust and love.

Cats will usually make eye contact with slow blinks. This can also be called the cat version of the kiss. To reply, you can do a slow blink like he did.

2. Headbutting

If your cat likes to bang its head or rub its cheeks against you, it could mean that it likes you. It is a social behavior that is formed during the kitten period through headbutting in other kittens and their mothers.

This is also one way of getting the cat to mark you with a scent to claim that you are one of them. It also helps the cat bond to show its love for humans.

3. Meow

Maybe a few times you find a cat meowing short. That means he likes you. Especially when you’re talking to him. The cat will respond with a short meow and appear relaxed. But if the cat meows long and hisses, it means that the interaction you have with him is enough.

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4. Snoring

Cats often purr to show satisfaction when resting near you or when you pet them. It could be that the snoring is a sign of nervousness and could be paired with different body language, such as putting your ears back, lowering your head, wagging your tail, or hiding.

5. Greet You at the Door

When you go out all day and see your cat at the door. It can show that the cat misses you by welcoming you at the door. Usually the cat will also follow you as you walk and be around your feet or circle them. Cats will also meow or wag their tail rapidly.

This action can also indicate that the cat is giving you signs, such as they are ready to eat, they need fresh water, or their litter box needs cleaning. So you have to make sure and check these things.

6. Sleeping Near You

A cat that chooses to sleep with or with you is a sign of his love and trust in you. Even if they want to be petted, this means they feel safe and trust that you will protect them or they will protect you.

These are signs a cat likes you. Hopefully the information above can help you get closer to your pet cat, okay?