September 28, 2022

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6 Signs of Children Affected by Bullying, As Parents Must Be Sensitive!

One of the environmental threats to children is bullying or bullying. Bullying is an intimidating act that is usually done by stronger people against people who are considered weaker. At school, this bullying is generally carried out by seniors against their underclassmen.

Not all children are victims bully will complain to their parents. Fear of being threatened is one of the causes of children only harboring wounds due to being abused.bullies. This is why it is so important for parents to be sensitive.

So, what are the signs of a child being bullied? To know more details, see the discussion below!

1. No appetite

Stress conditions can make a person so no appetite. This can also happen to children. Due to his feelings of depression, he who used to love to eat is now very difficult to be told to eat.

2. Not sleeping well

Bullying can traumatize a child. One of the consequences, the little one can’t sleep well because he’s always haunted by nightmares.

3. Don’t want to go to school

If it is very difficult for children to be sent to school, but every time they are asked they always answer it’s okay or just lazy, then parents should be suspicious, you know. It could be that the child has been hit bullies. As a result of the bullying that took place at school, she was traumatized and didn’t want to go to school anymore.

4. Want to stick with parents

The next change in behavior that usually occurs in victims of bullying is that the child always wants to stick with his parents. Fear will laterbully made him seek security through his parents.

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If your child behaves unusually when his parents are about to leave, you need to be careful. Maybe the exaggerated response is due to the fear that is felt as a result of being frequently abused.bully by his friends.

5. Often pretends to be sick

As a result of traumatized children going to school and meeting the perpetrators bullying, he will find a thousand ways to be absent. One of them is by pretending to be sick.

6. Academic grades decline

Like adults who find it difficult to concentrate when the mind is depressed, so are children. He finds it difficult to focus while studying due to the stress experienced by being a victim of bullying.

If these signs are present in your little one, try to communicate with him. Make him feel comfortable with you, so he can open up. Don’t force it, because it will traumatize him even more.