July 2, 2022


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6 Signs of a Man Interested In A Romance With You

Have you recently had a male friend who seems to be doing PDKT with you? But, you’re also afraid if you arrive geer alone?

Well, to be certain, in the following, we will discuss what characteristics a man usually shows when he is interested in having a romantic relationship with you. Let’s see!

1. Always say hello every time

The first sign a guy is interested in wanting to be in a relationship with you, is that he says hello almost every day. Whether it’s saying good morning, good evening, or asking if you’ve had lunch or not. This proves that he wants to be close to you.

2. Calling you can take hours

Did he when he called make your ears hot? It feels like there’s a topic being discussed and it doesn’t feel like your conversation has lasted more than an hour. That means, he does feel comfortable talking to you, and is trying to prolong the conversation so he can continue to hear your voice.

3. Giving you a gift

It is the nature of a man in love to want to make the woman he loves happy, one of them is through gifts. Therefore, if a male friend gives you a gift, and you notice that he only does that to you, then it can be a positive signal that his feelings for you are special.

4. Routinely pick you up

Another common thing that men do when trying to approach a woman, is by dropping her off. Sometimes you’ve refused because you don’t feel good and keep taking up his time, but he’s adamant that he wants to pick you up.

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5. Look different every time I meet you

Notice if when traveling with you he always looks different? Who is usually indifferent, so neat and looks much better than everyday clothes? If so, it means he’s specially dressed differently to make you interested.

6. Take you to the cinema

Another characteristic of a man who likes a woman, is trying to find similarities through films. That’s why when you know you’re liking a certain movie, it’s not fun to play. There’s a reason to take you to the movies so you can be alone.

How, do your male friends show these characteristics? If so, a strong indication that he is interested and intends to have a relationship with you, you know.