August 8, 2022

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6 Main Reasons for Employee Resignation, You Must Know!

When it comes to careers, of course, there are many and wide things to discuss. One of them is the problem of resigning which sometimes occurs at work. Resign or commonly known as resigning from the workplace (company). When there is a resignation to an employee, it should be an introspection, both for yourself and the company.

The reasons for resigning are certainly many and can be different for each individual employee. But basically, there are at least six main reasons why employees can resign from the company, as quoted from the Instagram account @golongan.hasil.

1. Location of the workplace

The location of the workplace for employees is a very supportive factor for employees to last a long time. If the work location is burdensome to the employee, then the employee may consider choosing a job or moving to a more comfortable place. A comfortable work location can certainly make employees can work optimally.

2. Unclear company direction

Companies with clear goals will certainly make employees feel that they have chosen the right job and can develop their careers. On the other hand, a company that is not clear can certainly make employees sway and cause employees to resign, so that they ultimately prefer jobs that are considered to have clear goals.

3. Salary and wage issues

Perhaps the most common reason why people can resign from the company is related to salary issues. Salaries that are considered low will certainly make employees consider looking for jobs with higher salaries. Moreover, if the salary is considered unbalanced with the work done, then that’s where the employee will not last long until he finally resigns from the company.

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4. Unfriendly workplace

An unfriendly workplace can make employees resign because they feel uncomfortable. An unfriendly work environment certainly cannot focus on work, in which case employees will be tested for patience in dealing with conditions but at any time they can explode and make employees resign.

5. Want to switch careers

In choosing a job, employees may be wrong in choosing a job. There are times when employees work in this condition but it is not in accordance with their passion, so that after the work contract at the company is finished, they choose to resign and look for other jobs that are considered in line with their passion.

6. Not growing

Many employees feel that while working at the company they have not experienced any development in their lives. He feels that life is just “just like that” which has no value in his career development. So on that occasion, he also submitted a request to resign from the company for the sake of his future career.

Well, those are the six main reasons employees can resign or leave the company where they work. This means that someone who decides to resign is not only a matter of salary, but is also strongly influenced by other factors in supporting life.