August 8, 2022

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6 Limits for You Football Club Supporters, Don’t Get Emotions!

Being a football club supporter is fun. Moreover, the club you support is currently on fire so that it looks stunning in every match. You certainly feel your favorite club is the best club among the other clubs. However, even if your favorite club is very proud, you must remember the 6 restrictions below so that you don’t cause a scene with fans of other clubs or even with fellow supporters of the same football club as you. Don’t miss anything, okay?

1. Don’t Get Emotions Easily

On social media or on real life, sometimes there is mutual ridicule between supporters, either with serious intentions or joking. When your favorite club is ridiculed, don’t immediately get emotional and use inappropriate words. If you have enough patience, you can rebuke the person who taunts them slowly. If you are an emotional person, it’s better to just leave it alone so it doesn’t prolong the problem.

2. Don’t Badmouth

You definitely don’t accept it if your favorite club is badmouthed by other people. Likewise with other people. So, you shouldn’t badmouth other people’s favorite clubs either through social media or in person. Even if your favorite club is performing above average, never badmouth other clubs, even if the intention is just to joke.

3. Don’t Get It Wrong

When on social media, sometimes there are football fans who misplace. The point is to flatter his favorite club on social media of rival clubs or other clubs. You shouldn’t be like that. You might be attacked fan club others until your social media is gone. If you want to discuss your favorite club, it’s better to discuss it on your favorite club’s social media, don’t get me wrong.

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4. Don’t Think You Know

Being a football supporter will make you always find out the ins and outs of your favorite club. Even if you think you know a lot, don’t think you know too much. Especially if you are a fan who has only been fond of football clubs for a year or two.

If you are often pretentious and blame other people’s opinions, you may be lectured by other fans who have been football fans for a long time. Just an opinion is okay, but don’t look down on other people’s knowledge.

5. Don’t force others to agree with you

Often when you are a football supporter, you try to judge certain players or certain clubs. Maybe your judgment is reasonable. However, you should not force others to agree with your opinion. Especially football fans of other clubs. Even though your opinion seems logical, other people may have different opinions, so don’t force your opinion to be recognized as the most correct.

6. Don’t Cause Riots

Lastly, don’t like to cause a riot. Fellow football fans, even though they have different idol clubs, should still uphold sportsmanship and peace. Respect each other. Especially if you’re watching the match live, don’t make trouble. Your favorite club is certainly not happy if you have fans who like rioting.

Being a football supporter is part of the entertainment and passion. So, in supporting your favorite club, you should take it easy. Do not violate the six restrictions above, yes!