December 1, 2022

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6 iKON song recommendations that tell about your ex, you don’t have to be sad!

iKON is a boy group under YG Entertainment which debuted in 2015. In the number of albums and songs that have been released, it turns out that iKON has several songs that tell about their ex, you know. Check out 6 recommended iKON songs that tell about the following ex.

1. But You

But You is iKON’s newest single which was released in May 2022 yesterday. The lyrics of this song are about someone who, even though he has met new people, still remembers his ex. Like the song’s chorus, “Even if I meet someone new and fall into their arms and forget everything, why am I like this, you are the cause.”

2. Killing Me

Killing Me is the title track on the album New Kids: Continue which was released in 2018. In this song, iKON shows the pain of parting with their ex-lover. This can be seen from the lyrics at the beginning of the song, “This kills me, once again, your traces are still left behind, and they tortured me, it killed me.”

3. Holding On

Holding On is included in the I Decide album which was released in 2020. True to the title of the song which means ‘to endure’, this song shows a person who is able to endure the separation that he has gone through, even though it is not an easy thing. One of the lyrics says, “It’s not as painful as I thought, even though sometimes I miss you, I can still endure it. ”

4. Flowers

Flower is also included in the album I Decide. In this song, iKON shows one’s feelings of longing for the former lover they once spent time with. One of the lyrics reads, “The sad feelings I can’t express, all the words I haven’t expressed, now goodbye, for now you’re still alive in my heart.”

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5. Apology

Apology is a single released by iKON in 2015. As the title implies, this song describes a person’s regret and apology towards his ex-lover for feeling that they did not treat him well when they were still together. “Sorry, sorry, sorry I couldn’t protect you, I hope you will be okay, sorry, sorry, I hope you will forget me too, even though it hurts, the promise we made to be together forever, is no longer there, sorry I didn’t can fulfill it.”

6. Love Scenario

Love Scenario which is iKON’s hit song on the album Return in 2018. Having a cool music tempo, this song describes a ‘love scenario’ that ends beautifully even though they can’t stay together. The lyrics say, “This is a memory that I will remember for the rest of my life, because you were in it, it was enough, we fell in love, we met, we became unforgettable memories, this is a melodrama with a beautiful ending, I love you, that’s it. enough.”

Those are 6 recommended iKON songs that tell about your ex. Enjoy listening to the full version!