September 28, 2022

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6 Characteristics of People with Hoarding Disorder that Are Rarely Realized, Are You One?

When you clean your room, do you still have things that are not used? If, yes, you could be a sufferer hoarding disorder. Adapted from psychiatrya person who is very difficult to separate from things around him or his is called soldered hoarding, the sufferer is called hoarder. The items stored may be considered historic, have sentimental value, or be used later.

However, not everyone who collects items suffers hoarding disorder. There are several distinguishing features. What’s that? Come on, listen

1. Enjoys storing things that other people think are useless

illustration of collecting waste paper (

Items stored by a hoarder many kinds of. But on average these items are not of much use to many people.

Quoted National Health Service He still kept things that were stockpiled, newspapers, magazines, used plastic, cardboard, paper bags, clothes, invoices, and equipment that had been damaged. He does not want to throw it away or reduce it so that it piles up.

In certain cases a hoarder also collect various kinds of animals. He takes care of it but is not well cared for and neglected.

2. Unable to organize items

illustration can't arrange item(
illustration can’t arrange item(

Apart from piling up and storing various items, a sufferer hoarding disorder can’t manage those items.

Quoted from Mayo Clinica hoarder often creates cramped and cramped living conditions because the house contains a pile of things. His house became full of things, untidy and dirty and stuffy.

3. Other people are not allowed to touch the item

illustration prohibits touching items(
illustration prohibits touching items(

Apart from the messy stuff, a hoarder will get angry if anyone touches his things, especially if they are cleaned up.

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Moving these items will also fuel his anger. Therefore, the people who live with him, often find it difficult to help him get out of this bad habit, such as simply organizing his things.

4. Poor quality of life

illustration of poor quality of life(
illustration of poor quality of life(

Piles of goods found everywhere cause the house to be cramped so that the residence is not functional and cannot move freely.

The piled up items are often not cleaned so that hygiene Bad homes cause health problems. As a result, the quality of life is poor

5. Have a bad relationship with the residents of the house

fight illustration(
fight illustration(

A hoarder often have problems with the occupants of the house. For example with relatives, parents, or wife, because when they are going to clean things up he will be angry.

This situation makes a hoarder isolate oneself from the environment. On the other hand, he is also usually ashamed of the messy condition of his house, so he is reluctant to receive guest visits.

6. Often anxious

anxious illustration(
anxious illustration(

Sufferer soldered hoarding often associated with psychiatric problems, soldered hoarding is a mental illness. One of them is often anxious.

His anxiety regarding the whereabouts of his belongings will be thrown away or cleaned up by someone else. In addition, he also experiences extreme anxiety if his belongings are touched by other people.

Those are the six characteristics of sufferers hoarding disorder. If you have family, friends, or neighbors who show symptoms like the ones above, don’t let them go. Seek help to deal with it or ask him to consult a medical professional so that he can be treated appropriately.

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