August 8, 2022

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6 Anti-Wrong Tips in Choosing MUA

Make up artist or commonly called MUA is a profession with jobdesc change the appearance of others to be more beautiful and charming. This profession is one of the most sought after professions today. Because beautiful moments in this era will always be immortalized and shared with many people so that people who have these moments definitely want to look beautiful and charming on their happy day.

However, because of the many needs for MUA, there are also many people who are just learning make-up and opening MUA services even though they are not very skilled in this matter. Instead of beautifying and making the moment happy, their services actually make the owner of the moment sad and ashamed because their skills are not optimal.

Here are 6 tips for choosing MUA for your important moments!

1. MUA Location

The first tip is to check the location of the MUA. Already in love with MUA’s portfolio, but it turns out that the location is far from the location of our event. Actually it’s okay if we want MUA which is located far away as long as we are ready with lodging costs, and travel costs for MUA and para crew-his.

2. MUA Portfolio

Of course, checking the MUA portfolio is a must. Because now the era is very sophisticated, you can see the results of make-up on MUA’s social media just by sitting at home. Does MUA’s make-up style match your taste or not?

The points that you need to pay attention to from MUA make-up are the eyebrows, lips, and eyelashes. Because every MUA has signature touch different ones. If you want request Even from other MUAs, they certainly won’t be too far from their previous makeup results.

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The most important thing is that you also have to make sure whether the portfolio photos have a lot of edits or not. Because now many MUAs edit photos for their portfolios so that people are interested in using their services.

3. MU CleanlinessA

Honestly, this is very important because the tools used are certainly not only used for your makeup. You can see that the MUA bag is clean or not, dusty or not, use it sponge the new or the old. Scratch lipstick with brush or not.

4. Products used

You can check story or testimonials from the previous MUA customers. It also goes to preferences you. Do you prefer to use makeup with local products or high end. The more expensive the product used, the more expensive the budget you have to spend to pay for MUA services.

5. MUA Certification

Now there are lots of certified MUAs or MUAs who have been able to open courses to train other people. The more certifications, of course, the MUA’s skills will be more tested and trusted. But it all depends preference and your wishes. Because it doesn’t mean that all MUA who don’t have certificates have bad results.

6. Price

You have to adjust it to your budget, guys. Because getting MUA at the right price and make-up is not easy. But don’t worry, you can collect the MUA data you want, then compare prices. Then, choose which MUA is priced according to your budget.

Choosing MUA, of course, cannot be done arbitrarily. Instead of feeling beautiful and happy in the moment you have been waiting for, because you chose the wrong MUA, you feel ashamed, sad and not confident. Well, don’t forget to apply the tips above in choosing an MUA. Good luck!

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