December 6, 2022

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6 Anime Characters Raised by Supernatural Animals and Creatures

Sounds impossible indeed if in the real world there are cases where humans are raised by animals. However, in the anime, it becomes something interesting. Some of the characters below are known to be raised by animals in the wild. No wonder they do not know human customs and culture. Being raised by a colony of animals means they must resemble the person who raised them. However, this does not apply to every character. In essence, those who are raised by animals have interesting things that are different from the average human. Take a look at the full explanation below.

1. San – Princess Mononoke

Illustration of San – Princess Mononoke [imdb]

Big San with a pack of mountain wolves. That’s why San’s behavior and actions are very similar to the figure who is always with him. The resemblance of San’s behavior makes her nicknamed the Wolf Princess. The background of how San can be with the wolves begins when the Wolf Goddess named Moro attacks San’s parents who have destroyed the forest. Instead, Moro takes responsibility for San and protects the girl. San inherited the Moro trait. He is very protective of the forest and does not hesitate to attack anyone who encroaches on the forest at will.

2. Inousuke Hashibira – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Illustration of Inousuke Hashibira – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba [sumber:]
Illustration of Inousuke Hashibira – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba []

Inousuke is a friend of Tanjiro and Zenitsu in the Demon Slayer Corps. Among all, he is very hot-tempered and rude, plus stubborn. His nature is similar to that of a wild animal even though his face is feminine. Yes, it’s not wrong, because Inousuke was raised by wild boars. Inousuke’s behavior and actions are very barbaric and don’t know how to be a civilized human being.

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Inousuke’s past was tragic. His father was so rude that his mother took Inousuke who was still a baby at that time. Unfortunately, his mother was caught by a demon named Doma while trying to escape from the demon sect. His mother then threw Inousuke into the river until finally found by a group of wild boars.

3. Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail

Illustration of Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail [sumber:]
Illustration of Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail []

In this world Fairy Tail, the dragon slayer is the figure of the strongest mage. A person who wants to become a dragon slayer must be raised by a dragon and inherit its power. Natsu Dragneel is a powerful Dragon Slayer. He is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild who has extraordinary powers. Even though Natsu looks petite and young, he is actually over 400 years old. Natsu had experienced death and was resurrected and then raised by Igneel, a dragon. Natsu’s great strength comes from Igneel’s power.

4. Kouya – Twelve Kingdom

Illustration of Kouya – Twelve Kingdom [sumber: myanimelist]
Illustration of Kouya – Twelve Kingdom [myanimelist]

When Kouya was little, he was abandoned by his mother, then met a youma (a type of supernatural being) named Okii-no. Kouya was then raised by the youma and lived like Okii-no. The name Kouya didn’t actually come from the person who raised him, but from Rokuta. He met Rokuta in the middle of the night. The name Kouya itself means midnight.

5. Mana – Mermaid Saga

Mana Illustration – Mermaid Saga [sumber:]
Mana Illustration – Mermaid Saga []

Protagonist in anime Mermaid Saga it was raised by mermaids. Mana was placed in a small hut by the sea so that the mermaids could take care of her without worrying about distress. The people around where Mana lives believe that eating the flesh of a mermaid can make her strong and immortal. When Mana is sacrificed by society, she is forced to eat the flesh of the mermaid who raised her. It is said that Mana becomes a strong figure and can rejuvenate anyone who has aged.

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6. Ren – The Boy and The Beast

Illustration of Ren – The Boy and The Beast [sumber: imdb]
Illustration of Ren – The Boy and The Beast [imdb]

Lastly, there is Ren who as a child ran away from home. His mother had died so Ren had no one else. While on the run, Ren enters the territory of the animal kingdom and meets Kumatetsu, a bear. The jumbo-bodied beast then raised Ren and educated him to become the ruler of the kingdom. Ren also changed his name to Kyuuta.

Well, 5 anime characters raised by animals are indeed unique as mentioned above. They become strong and courageous figures. They also inherit the power of their caregivers and become independent individuals. So, among the characters above, who do you think is the most unique?