December 6, 2022

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5 YouTube Channels to Watch Wildlife Documentaries

Earth has millions of animal and plant species. Quote from, researchers estimate that there are about 8.7 million plant and animal species, but at least 1.2 million species have been identified. Most of the identified species are insects. This means that millions of organisms remain a mystery.

Genetic variation, species, and ecosystems is called biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to all living things, from bacteria, plants, animals, to humans. Biodiversity is not evenly distributed on this earth. However, now there are many media that can be used to study biodiversity. One of them is through documentaries.

Several YouTube channels provide documentary videos that record the richness of species and their interactions in nature. Here are 5 of them:

1. BBC Earth

Channel it features many short videos showing animal behavior in the wild. Many documentaries capture the activities of animals in the wilderness, savanna, sea, and even the poles. Not only recording animals, BBC Earth also uploads documentaries on unique plants.

2. Netflix – Our Planet Documentary Series

No need to subscribe like if you watch through the application, documentary series “Our Planet” from Netflix can be watched on YouTube for free. The documentary was made in collaboration with the conservation organization WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature). There are 8 videos that contain various species with various ecosystems. This documentary series also highlights the issue of climate change affecting all living things.

3. Love Nature

A documentary about nature will generally show the existence of predation, the interaction between predators and their prey. The Love Nature Channel captures the activities of predatory animals such as lions, leopards, and hyenas. But not only that, there are also documentaries about orangutans and reptiles. This channel has also compiled it in playlists so that viewers can more easily find the desired video.

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4. Nature on PBS

“Nature” is a series from the United States Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) company that has received more than 600 awards from the television industry, community wildlife international and environmental organizations. Several documentary videos from the Nature on PBS channel not only show animal activities but are accompanied by explanations by experts in the field of conservation and ecologists. This channel also has a series podcast about the experience of ecologists while struggling to study the wild.

5. Free Documentary – Nature

In channel The main part of Free Documentary is many video documentaries with various themes, such as certain community activities, natural disasters, vehicles, buildings, and others. The Free Documentary team created a special channel for documentaries about the wild. On the Free Documentary – Nature channel there are hundreds of documentaries that record wildlife, both on land and in water. The duration of each video is also quite long with an average of about 50 minutes.

Those are 5 YouTube channels to watch the richness of biodiversity on this earth. Happy watching as well as enriching new knowledge!