August 8, 2022

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5 Ways to Write for Self Healing, Easily Reduce Stress

One of the benefits of writing is to self-healing or dealing with stress, if you have a lot on your mind, try to put it in writing.

Stress due to a lot of work, you can also write it down so you don’t get confused which one to do first. You don’t have to write good writing like a novelist or short story writer, just write what’s on your mind.

Here are some ways to write for self-healing.

1. Write anywhere and anytime

When you feel bad and want to vent, you can put those feelings in writing.

If you need to prepare certain media so that you can write anytime and anywhere, the media can be in the form of books or if you don’t want to be complicated, you can write them directly on your cellphone which you always carry with you.

2. Simple language

Write in simple language, but if you like stringing poetic words, that’s fine too. Write for self-healing This doesn’t require you to use a certain language, instead you can write like you’re conversing with your own friends.

3. Write What You Want To Write

Pour whatever is on your mind, in writing you are not required to maintain feelings, pay attention to rules, or limit the number of writings. Just write whatever you want to write, think of your diary as a friend as well as a place to vent.

4. Forget Writing Rules

Don’t think about the rules of writing, even if you want your writing to be a good note, do the editing at another time. The point is at that time you only need to write, punctuation, capital letters, and others are not important for you to think about.

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5. Write Until You Feel Relieved

If you confide in someone, maybe that person has a certain time limit. But if you vent by writing a diary, there is no limit to how much you write in it. The diary is happy to accommodate all your complaints.

Those are 5 ways to write for self-healinghave you ever tried it?