August 14, 2022

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5 Ways to Take Care of a Kitten Without a Mother

Newborn kittens up to the age of approximately 3 months still really need the role of their mother in order to survive. Newborn kittens will be very dependent on their mother, because their immune and condition are still weak and not stable.

Kittens without a parent that are left unattended and left without proper care will not be able to survive long. Currently, the population of cats in the environment around us is increasing. This will add to the possibility that there are various factors that could allow the kitten to lose its mother, such as the mother cat dying or the mother cat being stressed and unwilling to care for her kittens.

So, have you ever encountered or are experiencing this condition? Don’t worry! If you are determined to take care of a kitten without a parent, then you should listen to some of the tips that we have summarized.

1. Provide a safe haven

Cat in the basket (Freepik/topntp26)

Newborn kittens need special protection because they are usually the target of predators. If the mother is still around, she will move her cubs if she feels threatened and look for a hiding place

2. Provide a warm place

Cat in a cardboard box (Unsplash/Iam_os)
Cat in a cardboard box (Unsplash/Iam_os)

Newborn kittens will seek the most comfortable position that can warm themselves. To replace the mother cat’s warm embrace, you only need to prepare a dry and clean towel. You can also place a bottle filled with warm water next to the kitten.

3. Give milk replacer for kittens

Cat drinking milk (Pexels/Emrah Ayvali)
Cat drinking milk (Pexels/Emrah Ayvali)

Milk Replacer is artificial milk or formula that replaces mother’s milk. You have to be careful when choosing milk for kittens because cats cannot be given the same milk as humans. There are several brands of special milk for kittens that you can find in petshops or at e-commerce.

Then, how to give milk replacement to kittens? You simply prepare a small milk bottle or syringe, then give the milk warm or according to the kitten’s body temperature.

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4. Provide special food for kittens

Kitten eating (Pexels/Helena Lopes)
Kitten eating (Pexels/Helena Lopes)

If you find a kitten without a mother that is 4-5 weeks old, then you can provide a snack in the form of wet food. Kittens can be fed dry food after 6-7 weeks of age.

5. Give full love and attention

Kitten in arms (Pexels/Alexey Demidov)
Kitten in arms (Pexels/Alexey Demidov)

Caring for a kitten without a mother is not an easy matter because it must require more attention for 24 hours for the kitten to survive. Emotional bonding is also important for a kitten’s growth. Provide gentle caresses to make the kitten feel safe and protected.

That’s how to take care of kittens without a parent that you can practice at home. Caring for a kitten without a mother does take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, if you want to take care of a kitten without a mother, you need to prepare everything carefully.