March 21, 2023

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5 Ways to Prevent Stroke at a Young Age, Come on!

Stroke is a disease that is often experienced by people who are old enough. But now there are many cases of stroke that attack young people. There are already many young people who experience the symptoms of this stroke.

Unfortunately there are still many young people who are not aware of these symptoms. They think that stroke can only be experienced by parents. So they think that these symptoms are not symptoms of a stroke.

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Therefore it is important for you to be able to know the symptoms and how to prevent stroke as early as possible. The following are some ways to prevent stroke at a young age as quoted from

1. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure can increase a person’s stroke. Therefore it is important for you to be able to lower blood pressure in your body. You should be able to maintain a blood pressure of less than 120/80.

There are several ways you can do to lower blood pressure, including reducing salt intake, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, and exercising regularly.

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2. Lose weight

Someone who is overweight or obese has a higher risk of having a stroke than someone who has normal weight.

Therefore losing weight can be one of the prevention of stroke. But you also have to pay attention to your nutritional intake while on a diet program to lose weight.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you lose weight or keep your weight normal. In addition, regular exercise can also reduce high blood pressure.

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So indirectly, regular exercise can prevent stroke at an early age. It doesn’t take too long to exercise, the important thing is that you do it regularly.

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4. Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is one of the things that can trigger a stroke for young people. Therefore you should be able to stop drinking alcohol.

If you have often drank alcohol before, you can stop it gradually. You can reduce the amount of alcohol you drink every day until you stop completely.

5. Quit smoking

Apart from alcohol, cigarettes are also one of the triggers for stroke at a young age. Smoking can trigger the formation of blood clots in different ways. So severe that it thickens will create a buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Therefore quitting smoking is one of the right choices to prevent stroke at a young age. Quitting smoking is also part of a healthy lifestyle that you can apply.

Those are some ways to prevent stroke at a young age. Hope it is useful.

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