September 27, 2022

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5 Ways to Overcome Physical Insecurity so You Can Appear Confident

Insecure is a feeling of discomfort in oneself that causes a person to feel insecure and feel inferior to others. Insecure is often experienced by all ages, from children to adults.

Many factors cause people to be insecure, one of which is physical. Moreover, physical bullying is also rampant which makes a person afraid and increasingly insecure. However, you don’t need to be confused to overcome that feeling of insecurity.

Here are 5 ways to overcome physical insecurity. Read more!

1. Don’t listen to other people’s bad talk about your physique

You don’t need to listen to what other people say about your physique. Even if it hurts, you need to stick to the “all bad words are bullshit” principle. Then take a deep breath and quickly walk away from them.

2. Look in the mirror and give affirmations

Look at yourself in the mirror and see. Then give affirmative sentences like “you are great, you are beautiful, you are amazing today, don’t be insecure, your appearance is okay” and so on.

Affirmation sentences will affect your subconscious so that it can become self-motivation so that you are not easily insecure.

3. Realize that every human being has strengths and weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. Every human being has his own strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that something is lacking physically, believe me there are still many advantages that can be shown so that a positive aura radiates from you.

For example, by doing good, achieving achievements, having ethics, and so on. That way, other people will see you as a positive person regardless of your physique.

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4. Try to accept and improve your own shortcomings

You must accept and be grateful for the physique that God has destined for you from birth. However, if you are insecure, for example because of facial acne, damaged hair, or other physical health problems, then you should try to fix these deficiencies as a form of caring for yourself.

5. Believe that you are valuable

When you feel physically insecure, you have to believe that you are worth more than anything else. You have to love yourself and don’t thirst for validation from others to compliment your physique. Only you can raise the spirit and reject the feeling of insecurity.

So, those are 5 ways to overcome physical insecurity so that you can appear confident and don’t feel inferior to what other people say. I hope this helps!