August 8, 2022

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5 Ways to Make Friends with Introverts

Introverts are people who tend to close themselves off from people. They are more focused on their own moods, thoughts and personality so often put others aside. But this makes introverts have a higher ability to focus than people in general.

Because they are too focused on themselves, introverts become shy and lack initiative. They also tend to resist interacting with other people because they feel uncomfortable.

Here are 5 ways you can apply to be friends with an introvert!

1. Approach slowly

People with introverts will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable if you suddenly pretend to be familiar with them. So start to approach them slowly and gradually.

Maybe on the first day you can start introducing yourself or saying hello by name. On the second day you can try to invite him to lunch together in the canteen. On the third day you can ask something related to him such as hobbies, likes, etc. And so on until they get to know you.

2. Watch from afar

Pay attention to what he is doing, for example he is busy with his work, then you should not disturb him. If he’s busy doing something like playing rubies or something, try to approach him and say something like this”Sounds like fun, can you teach me?

3. Ask for help

Trying to ask your introverted friend for help can also bring you closer together. Ask for help in a kind way and don’t be pushy. Other times, try to offer to help him do something even if he doesn’t ask.

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4. Offer something

Try to offer him a drink, a meal, a book or something else he might like. But if he’s not interested, you just need to sit near him, watch what he’s doing, then start small talk so you don’t feel awkward.

5. Praise what he is doing

Introverts are also normal people who like compliments. Every now and then try to praise his work or achievements. This will make him feel that you really care about him and he will open up to you.

Actually, introverts are normal people but haven’t found the right person who makes them comfortable with them. If you are already familiar with them, then they will tend to be more chatty and want to share things with you.