September 27, 2022

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5 Ways to Comfort a Sad Friend, Be a Good Listener!

Having a friend who is sad because he failed in achieving something should be able to make us a person who has high empathy. One of them is to comfort his heart.

Unfortunately, comforting a friend who is sad is not an easy thing. His sad heart usually becomes more sensitive. Therefore, even if we intend to do good things, it may not necessarily be well received by them. So, how to cheer him up?

1. Be a good listener

There are times when people who are sad really just need to be heard. If he is sad because he feels cornered and alone, then you should be a friend who will listen to what he has to say.

Take your time without gaps, let your friend say what he wants to say. Let him utter all the words that have only been said in his heart.

When you can’t help him with anything, hopefully the presence and time you give can be a medicine for him to open up again and become a happier person.

2. Provide support

Giving support with kind words will give someone the strength to get up. So, do it when your friend is feeling down.

Show that you support him and believe that he can go through all this well and wisely. And there are many opportunities waiting for him to come.

3. Give him time to be alone

Even though you deserve to be by his side, sometimes he also needs time to himself. This time is usually used by someone to calm himself down, forgive himself and try to make peace with the situation.

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So, you have to give him space and time to be alone. Let him recover by forgiving himself. Even if he wasn’t wrong, it would make him much more relieved.

4. Shows concern even though not at the same time

Even if you’re not around, show that you really care. Cares that he must always be in good shape. It will make him feel that someone is still watching him even though they are not by his side.

You can do that by contacting him via chat, sending him his favorite food, or whatever he likes.

5. Don’t blame

He was sad and blamed himself. So, when you blame him, you are making the situation worse. Instead of making it better, you’re destroying it even more.

So don’t talk about who’s at fault. Don’t compare him to other people. You have to accept your friend as himself.

Those are 5 things you can do when your friend is sad. May be useful!