July 2, 2022


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5 Ways to Be a Good Father for Children

Becoming a father is the dream of all men. But not all men can be good fathers for their children. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves to be good fathers and be ready to educate our children until they are adults.

So, how to be a good father?

1. Be responsible

Being responsible here means that a father must be responsible for the needs of his children. Both material needs and emotional needs.

A father must work hard to provide for his child’s material needs, to give a child a decent life, to realize a high education as the child expects.

On the other hand, fathers must also love their children and build a good relationship so that the relationship between parents and children can also run well.

2. Taking time

No matter how busy we are in work, we are still obliged to spend time with our children. This time, although it may not be done every day, it must be done in a quality manner.

Quality here means, the time is really for father and son. There was no gadget or work involved during that time. So the child will feel that his father is there for him.

Fathers can take their children to play at home, relax, take vacations, do hobbies, or other interesting things. The most important thing is that the child is happy with his father.

3. Give children the opportunity to choose

Many fathers think that because he is a father, the child must always obey what his father says. It is true, a father is the leader in the household. However, children also have the right to choose.

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For example, when children enter school, children begin to have hobbies, children get along, let children choose what they want for themselves. That way the child will learn to be responsible for what he does.

4. Be a good listener

Many children are afraid to talk to their fathers because their fathers do not have time to listen, their fathers are too busy, their fathers often yell, and so on. In fact, listening to children’s stories is the happiest thing. Do not let us make children afraid to tell us.

Take the time to listen to what your child has to say. How is his daily life at school, how is his day with his mother without a father, how many new experiences are going on, father must be willing to listen. Don’t just want to be heard.

5. Be a role model for children and families

Parents are role models for children. So, parents must be kind to children so that children imitate the good ones. When fathers have problems, be it work or personal problems, never show them in front of the children.

In fact, when father and mother have problems, father and mother must still be the most harmonious parents and idols in the eyes of the child.

That’s 5 ways to be a good father to children. Cheers fathers!