October 1, 2022


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5 Ways to Accept Criticism Wisely, Don’t Be Offended

We have to admit that we have flaws or weaknesses. Not infrequently, we have to accept criticism for the shortcomings or mistakes we make. The criticism is given so that we can correct these mistakes and become even better.

Accepting criticism is not easy. Often we feel offended to the point of hurt because other people criticize us. In fact, criticism is good so that we can change and not repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, we should not get angry when others criticize us.

Here are 5 ways to take criticism wisely.

1. Don’t be provoked by emotions

When someone criticizes us, our first response is usually to defend and defend ourselves. This is a form of maintaining self-esteem because other people reveal our mistakes.

In fact, it may be that what other people say does not mean to bring down our self-esteem. It could be that it is purely so that we can correct our mistakes. Therefore, we should not be easily provoked by emotions when someone else criticizes us.

2. Listen Carefully

Good criticism will be very useful for us. Therefore, if someone criticizes us, listen carefully. Understand what the criticism is. Does it really need to be fixed or is it just their view that is wrong.

By listening carefully, we become more aware of the substance of the criticism given so that we can determine our next attitude. For example, what steps should be taken to correct an existing error.

3. Objective Thinking

Often we think of criticism as an insult that will bring us down. In fact, it is not necessarily true. It is very possible that other people criticize us because indeed we made mistakes that should be corrected.

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We must be able to think objectively in responding to existing criticism. Don’t just think about our self-worth or think about the substance of the criticism itself. Don’t look at who says it, look at what is said.

4. Remember Criticism Doesn’t Mean Humiliation

We will feel offended or hurt when we receive criticism if we still consider the criticism as an insult. Though we must accept criticism as a form of self-evaluation of ourselves and the things we have done before. Thus, we can respond to criticism better.

5. Try to Improve Yourself

When we accept criticism from others. Don’t be lazy to improve yourself. Make improvements to the mistakes or shortcomings that we have done before. That way, we will become even better people.

Here are 5 ways to take criticism wisely. Don’t get carried away with emotion, ok?