March 21, 2023

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5 Unique Facts about the 2023 Indonesia Masters Tournament, There’s an All Indonesian Final!

The Daihatsu Indonesia Masters 2023 will take place from 24-29 January 2023 at Istora Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. This Super 500 level tournament is included in the third series of BWF World Tour Series events right after the 2023 Malaysia Open and 2023 India Open.

It was a tournament back to back in the previous year’s event, now the Indonesia Masters is again ‘separate’ from the Indonesia Open which this year is scheduled for June 2023.

Apart from these facts, there are several other unique facts from the Indonesia Masters 2023. Here are five other unique facts from the DIM 2023 event.

1. Many of the world’s top badminton players quit

Viktor Axelsen (

Even though the tournament that takes place at Istora is always legendary thanks to the spectators who are never absent, unfortunately, quite a number of the world’s top badminton players have chosen to withdraw.

Starting from Viktor Axelsen, Kunlavut Vitidsarn, Akane Yamaguchi to the main Chinese teams, such as Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong and Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan.

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2. Many leading athletes ran aground in the early rounds

Chou Tien Chen (
Chou Tien Chen (

It turns out that the world’s top badminton players who are still participating in the 2023 Indonesia Masters do not necessarily advance to the top match easily. Some even collapsed in the last 32 and 16 rounds. There is Chou Tien Chen, HS Prannoy, Kim Astrup / Anders Skaarup Rasmusen, Choi Sol Gyu / Kim Won Ho, to Seo Seung Jae / Chae Yoo Jung.

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In the round of 16, the leading athletes who ran aground did not lose too much. Starting from the representative hosts, Anthony Ginting and Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan, to Loh Kean Yew, Lee Zii Jia to He Bing Jiao.

Even Nami Matsuyama/Chiharu Shida, Kim So Yeong/Kong Hee Yong, Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing, and Rivaldy/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari also failed to advance to the quarterfinals.

3. There is no world number one athlete on the podium

Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin and coach (instagram.con/badminton.ina)
Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin and coach (instagram.con/badminton.ina)

Entering the final round, it is no longer surprising that the championship podium has lost the presence of world number one athletes. For some reason, they withdrew until they failed to advance to the final, as if everyone had lost their chance to win the 2023 Indonesia Masters title.

Even the five previous year’s champions also failed to defend the title together. The best achievement at the 2023 Indonesia Masters was only recorded by Fajar Alfian/M. Rian Ardianto reached the quarter-finals. However, Indonesia still defended the title in the men’s doubles sector through Leo Rolly Carnando / Daniel Marthin.

4. All Indonesian finals happened

Jonatam Christie and Chico Wardoyo (
Jonatan Christie and Chico Wardoyo (

Apart from the withdrawal of the world’s top athletes and some aground in the early rounds minus the defending champion, Indonesia actually gave a surprise. The men’s singles sector is capable of creating all Indonesian finals between Jonathan Christie and Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo.

All Indonesian finals at Istora this time it happened again after 15 years had passed. At that time, the match between Simon Santoso and Sony Dwi Kuncoro in the 2008 Indonesia Super Series tournament had to be done through rubber game.

At the 2023 Indonesia Masters, Jojo won the civil war match and added another record head to head beat Chico 4-0 after winning the 2023 Indonesia Masters.

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5. ‘Istora boys’ ran aground in the early rounds

Anders Antonsen (
Anders Antonsen (

It is common knowledge that Anders Antonsen, Chou Tien Chen, and Loh Kean Yew were nicknamed ‘Istora boys’ which made the Indonesian audience’s euphoria even more jarring. Unfortunately, the three ‘beloved’ men’s singles of BL Indonesia had to stop in the early rounds.

Antonsen fell in the second round against Kanta Tsuneyama, while Loh Kean Yew was defeated by Chico Wardoyo. Chou Tien Chen even ran aground in the first round after losing to Canadian representative Brian Yang.

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