October 1, 2022


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5 Typical Indonesian Foods That Are Worldwide Abroad, Rendang is one of them

As Indonesians, we should be proud because we have so many different tribes and customs. This diversity then gives rise to abundant wealth, including in the culinary field. Indonesia has a variety of regional specialties that are different and of course rich in Indonesian spices.

No need to linger, we will discuss 5 Indonesian specialties that are worldwide. Listen carefully!

1. Rendang

Beef Rendang [Dokumen akun FB @dhiny_gallery]

Rendang is the first dish on the global list of Indonesian specialties. As we know, rendang is a dish that has a distinctive taste of Indonesian spices that our people are interested in.

But it turns out that it is not only a prima donna in its own country, this one dish is also quite loved abroad.

2. Satay

Blora chicken satay dish (YouTube/CAK IWAN CHANNEL)
Blora chicken satay dish (YouTube/CAK IWAN CHANNEL)

Who doesn’t like satay? Of course, most people like this one processed meat. Satay is generally cooked with a mixture of certain spices that add to the taste of this dish.

Sate in Indonesia is quite diverse, ranging from chicken satay, goat satay, beef satay, jerohan satay, snail and snail satay, kere satay, as well as various types of satay spread throughout Indonesia. Because of the popularity of this one food, finally satay is also in demand by foreign people.

3. Fried rice

fried rice illustration (Pixabay)
fried rice illustration (Pixabay)

Indonesian cuisine, which is quite simple in its cooking process, is also in demand by foreign residents. Fried rice is usually served with eggs, crackers, or other complementary foods.

4. Meatballs

Illustration of meatballs.  (Pixabay.com/stivianputra87)
Illustration of meatballs. (Pixabay.com/stivianputra87)

Meatballs, apart from being the prima donna of the Indonesian people, are also food that is in demand by foreign nationals. The distinctive taste of meatballs with fresh and warm sauce makes meatballs often hunted, especially when the weather is cold.

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5. Soto

Blora's signature soto klethuk (YouTube/Green Zone)
Blora’s signature soto klethuk (YouTube/Green Zone)

Last is the soup. This typical Indonesian dish, which is characterized by its yellow sauce, also attracts foreigners. There are various kinds of Soto, there are Soto Lamongan, Soto Betawi, and various other Soto variants spread across various regions in Indonesia.

Those are five foods that are worldwide and we should be proud of. Hopefully more Indonesian food will go global!