September 26, 2022

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5 Types of Lecturers that Students Often Meet, Some Are Super Good

There are many lecturers on campus who are teachers. So many, the character of the lecturers is also very diverse. Students usually also classify lecturers into several types according to their personality and way of teaching.

Here are five types of lecturers that students often encounter.

1. Fierce lecturer

This is the type of lecturer that students fear. When teaching, many students are nervous because they are afraid of getting sudden questions. The effect is that students pay full attention to the material presented by the lecturer.

But sometimes lecturers who seem fierce doesn’t always mean bad. It could be that his fierce appearance is so that the students are serious, so that they can absorb the knowledge conveyed. In addition, so that students also become disciplined and do assignments well.

2. Lecturer slang

This type of lecturer tends to keep up with the times and can adapt to things that are up to date. Because of this habit, slang lecturers can easily adapt to students who may be of different generations with them.

3. Lecturer of fashionista

This type of lecturer has an appearance that always looks attractive. Her dress style is usually very fashion and make it stand out in terms of fashion. He really cares about y outfitwhich will be charged for teaching on campus.

However it looks as long as no rules are violated and no one is harmed, of course it doesn’t matter. And most importantly, the teaching task is done well. So, your job is to be a good student too.

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4. Super good lecturer

This type is very understanding to students. He always tries to help students who have difficulty understanding the lecture material. He can also be willing to help in other matters, such as motivating students who are starting to lose enthusiasm due to the many unfinished tasks.

Never take advantage of your teacher’s kindness. Keep carrying out the tasks given and try your best to help your students.

5. Lecturer humorous

This lecturer makes the class atmosphere more relaxed and less tense. However, don’t underestimate the course, let alone ignore the assignments given. Keep following the course seriously and do the coursework with the best effort you can do.

Have you met any of the types of lecturers above? Or maybe you’ve faced all the types of lecturers above?