July 2, 2022


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5 Types of Friends When Borrowing Money, This Is Suspicious!

Borrowing is a common thing. As social beings, borrowing and borrowing is a part of life. About borrowing money, there are a thousand and one ways that the borrower does to get money.

For those of you who don’t want to be stuck on a bad taste when billing. Or caught in a ruse so that the money is forfeited, aka not returned. It is better to understand the 5 types of friends when borrowing money.

1. The Needy

The first type is indeed worthy of asylum or a loan of money. They borrow money with logical reasons and indeed according to their needs. We recommend that borrowers of this type of money can be considered because they really need it.

2. The Pretentious Close

There are types of friends who feel close to other people so they are comfortable borrowing money. This closeness can happen and then you are used by other people to borrow money. It’s best to avoid this type because you only take what you need.

People like this deserve to be told. That if he really feels close to him, he needs to pay his debt as a form of respect for his friend.

3. The Dramatic

Usually the type will often lie to you to borrow money with a dramatic story. The main weapon is always done with drama that is actually made up. This type of person should be highly considered for a loan.

4. The Luxury Lifestyle

Number four has entered the stage where money cannot be loaned. Usually this person is pitiful when borrowing money like he is in need for important things. In fact, the borrowed money is actually used to fulfill a pretended luxury lifestyle.

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5. The Complex

This type is included in the type of toxic friend. The complex is a combination of people who are pretentious, dramatic, and have a luxurious lifestyle. Their weapons to borrow money from others are very powerful. Even sometimes it has crossed the boundaries of shame.

Not infrequently they also look for victims from one tongkrongan to another. If there is one circle that hates him, he will usually switch to another circle until he finds a new victim. It’s sweet at first, but venomous and dangerous in the end.

Especially for number five, you need to be very careful, because this type is like a disease, it has entered the most chronic stage. Difficult and impossible to cure.