August 8, 2022

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5 Types of Ending Stories that You Can Try, Let’s Apply!

For a writer, writing the ending is one of the most difficult and challenging stages. A writer must be able to finish his writing by presenting an ending that is able to satisfy the readers.

There are various types of endings to end a story. Of course with various considerations and logical reasons, so that an ending is chosen to close a story.

In addition to the plot, characters, and storyline, the ending must also get enough attention from the author. The following are some types or types of endings that you can use as a reference to end a story. Let’s see!

1. resolved ending

The first type is resolved ending or finished ending. If you choose this type, it means that your story is really over, no more conflicts or other problems will arise. You could say, this ending presents a truly finished and complete ending without leaving the impression of hanging at all.

2. Unresolved ending

The second type exists unresolved ending or unfinished ending. Contrary to the first point, this type of ending is usually used to end a story that has a series.

There are still missions that must be completed by the characters at the end of the story, thus making readers look forward to the presence of the next series.

3. Unexpected ending

There is a third type unexpected ending or the unexpected ending. Usually, writers who are experts in inserting plot twist happy to use this type of ending. The ending that is presented will usually be completely different from what the reader has imagined or expected.

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4. Ambiguous ending

The fourth type exists ambiguous ending or ambiguous ending. This type of ending presents an ending that solves one problem, but also opens a new conflict at the end of the story.

Readers are welcome to guess how this story actually ends. You could say this ending gives a hanging ending and it all depends on the imagination of the reader.

5. Expanded ending

The fifth type of ending exists expanded ending or extended ending. For readers who are happy and want to know the lives of the characters after a while, this ending will definitely be liked.

The end of the story with this ending usually appears in the form of an epilogue that gives a view or picture of the future of the characters in the next few years.

Those are five types of endings that you can choose and consider for ending your story. All have their own charms and advantages, just adjust it to the storyline and the ending you want.