May 30, 2023

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5 Tips to Increase Reading to Increase Knowledge, Don’t Be Lazy Yes!

Who is still lazy to read? Even though reading can make us have broad knowledge, you know, even more important for you students who in fact need a lot of reading material to enrich knowledge.

However, reading is an activity that is difficult and easy to do, easy because you only need to read, but hard to ask for forgiveness when gathering the intention to start reading.

To overcome this, here are some ways you can do to increase your reading.

1. Find Sources from Anywhere

Reading doesn’t have to be from books, you can get knowledge from anywhere. It can be from the internet, social media, banners on the street, and others. The most important thing is to collect the intention first, then get used to it until you can read without a burden.

2. Find Easy-to-Understand Readings

Usually the books that contain the lessons have language that is a little difficult to understand, but there are also many books whose language is easy to understand. Or search website and content on social media, which is of course a very young language.

3. Little but Routine

Even though the intention is to increase reading, it doesn’t mean you have to really read a lot of books. It doesn’t have to be a lot as long as your knowledge increases, that’s enough, even if a little if done regularly will eventually turn into a hill, right?

4. Ask for Recommendations

Ask your teacher or friends for book recommendations, about what books are good and must be read at least once in a lifetime. Don’t let you regret that you want to read a lot of books but don’t read them.

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5. Written or Shared

A knowledge will simply disappear if it is not written down or shared. After you get a lot of interesting things, try writing them down in a notebook or sharing them on your social media to keep them in your memory. Even if you forget, you can see your writing again. It can also be useful for other people.

Those are 5 ways to increase reading to increase knowledge, don’t forget to keep reading!