August 14, 2022

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5 Tips to Increase Reading Interest, Buy Books Regularly!

Reading is an activity to increase knowledge or insight. In fact, there is a saying that “book is a window to the world“, meaning that only by reading we can open the window and see any place and any event. So great are the benefits of reading, that reading is also an investment that will never make a loss.

However, this technological era has the effect of weakening interest in reading among young people and students. In fact, it is precisely at this time that reading is very necessary for them to add insight and knowledge as a provision for the future.

Here the author has summarized tips to increase reading interest that are easy to apply in 5 points. Come on!

1. Create a Reading Target

Set goals for reading such as how long you should read in a day. Determine how long it will take to finish reading a book. Write down this target and apply it consistently so that you get used to reading.

2. Join a Reading Group

You can join a reading group or community so that you can exchange ideas, experiences and tips from other members to increase interest in reading. In addition, you can also get information about books that are new, good or according to your reading tastes.

3. Regularly Buy Books

Buying books regularly can also increase your reading interest. Instead of using your money to go to cafes or shopping for things that are not important, you should set aside money or save it to buy books that have more benefits for your future.

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4. Visit the Library

Visit the library when you have free time. Visiting the library will make you find many books that will attract you to read them. Starting from a sense of interest, then your interest in reading will grow by itself.

5. Start with Light Reading

If you just want to learn to be able to read consistently, then start by practicing reading books with light content or novels. Do not force yourself to immediately read a book on philosophy if you are not able to understand its contents.

Besides being boring and making you lazy to finish it, it can also make your head explode because you have to think about such a heavy thing all of a sudden.

Well, those were 5 tips that you can try to increase your reading interest. Good luck!