October 1, 2022


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5 Tips to Get Many Instagram Followers, Number 5 Use the Latest Features

Instagram is platform which is currently very popular with millennials and Gen Z besides Tiktok and YouTube. Of course, having a lot of Instagram followers is everyone’s dream, especially the users can do marketing branding and sell various necessities online.

However, getting a large number of followers is the most difficult challenge, because even though you have regularly posted regularly, it still doesn’t produce significant results, so not many users prefer to give up in the middle of a business.

To overcome this, you can really follow these tips to increase your followers. Checkidot!

1. Organize your account to make it look more professional

professional account example [@sukajepang/Instagram]

One of the tips that can be applied is to tidy up your account to make it look professional. You can start small steps by displaying thumbnails on the Instagram highlight feature which you can get raw for free in the Canva app (keyword: Instagram highlight).

Next, you can also fill out your bio profile as interesting as possible, not awkward but must contain what kind of invitation and offer you want to give to your audience. You can also add various emojis to add aesthetic value.

Like a shop window, by doing some adjustment on your account to make it look classy, ​​it’s not impossible that you can attract a large number of followers in the near future.

2. Choose the right color

appropriate color choice (ivanovgood/pixabay.com)
appropriate color choice (ivanovgood/pixabay.com)

Determining the color scheme of the content in the post is the most important thing you can try to bring in a lot of followers. Reported from plannthat, colors that seem hot tend to be preferred over cool colors and colors will also provide anecdotal evidence that it can affect mood and influence how we think and act. There are some suggestions of the most suitable colors to use to decorate your Instagram page, such as red, blue, yellow, and green.

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However, there is a visual analytics and marketing researcher Curlate, he analyzed at least 8 million user photo uploads and found that blue was the most preferred color compared to other color palettes, blue occupying the range of 24% the most.

3. Use appropriate hashtags

Use appropriate hashtags (PabitraKaity/pixabay.com)
Use appropriate hashtags (PabitraKaity/pixabay.com)

There are hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of posts being uploaded all the time, it’s almost impossible for Instagram users to find your account quickly. Well, there are features hashtags this is where users can visit your account.

Unfortunately, the Meta itself only limits a maximum of 30 hashtags every time it posts and there are probably millions of users now using hashtags with brand/niche the same as you.

To overcome these obstacles, you can take advantage of hashtags who is being trending topic at this time and adjust the post time right, this way your account will definitely get a lot of attention from other people.

4. Do reshare to various other applications

social media illustrations (Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company)
social media illustrations (Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company)

You can promote your account to your friends, family and colleagues using the app chat (Follower type). To get a number of foreign followers (Unfollowers type) you can try uploading them to various other media platforms using the Instagram feature which can share similar posts simultaneously and automatically.

5. Take advantage of the latest features

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Next is the tip that will bring in a lot of your Instagram followers, none other than Instagram Reels, how not, this feature is predicted to be more effective in bringing in many visitors every time you post, because this feature relies heavily on the creativity of its users.

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Moreover, recently Meta added its newest features such as posting pins, audience statistics, and allowing its users to collaborate with other users. Just imagine, this feature could come much more engagement and audiences reached compared to its predecessors.

How did you get Insights about tips to get lots of followers on Instagram. Are you ready to make your account crowded with visitors?