August 8, 2022

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5 Tips to Become a Popular Student in College, Have You Used It Yet?

Maybe some of you want to be a popular student. The hope is that if it is popular, many girls will glance and fall in love.

Well, to be popular and liked by girls, you don’t have to do anything weird, really. The following will discuss some tips to become a popular student in college. Read on, come on!

1. Maintain appearance

Even though you’re a guy, that doesn’t mean you can just ignore your appearance, you know. Just as you like to see girls look beautiful, so do girls. She will be interested in seeing a guy who is good at taking care of his appearance.

You don’t have to buy expensive clothes. At least you take care of yourself so you don’t smell bad. In addition, male students are usually the laziest to change clothes. After the smell was too good, just replaced it. Well, this habit must be thrown away, yes.

2. Take care of the face

It’s not the time for men who take care of themselves to be considered negative. Precisely by taking care of yourself is proof that you love yourself, you know.

Taking care of your face doesn’t mean you have to use makeup. Wow, that’s going to make people’s minds wander all over the place. Just be diligent enough to clean your face so you don’t get spotty so that you yourself are comfortable, people will think you are unsightly.

3. Exercise regularly

While still young, try to build healthy habits. One of them is by exercising regularly. Not only does it make your body fit so you can stay active all day, but with regular exercise you can maintain your ideal body weight, and it will support your appearance.

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4. No smoking

It is outdated to use cigarettes as an indicator of how cool a guy is. There have been many studies that prove that smoking actually affects appearance. If you don’t believe it, just pay attention to how it looks between men who smoke and those who don’t. Usually guys who don’t smoke more fresh. Convenient for the pocket too.

5. Passion for learning

Already good looking, but when spoken to it does not connect. Duh, not so popular, deh. In addition to physical, you also need upgrade insight, you know. Don’t be lazy to study.

In fact, if you are diligent, you can amaze many people, including girls, you know. In addition, seriously studying will open up many opportunities for your future career. You will be considered cool!

Those are some tips that you can try to become a popular student. Especially the last point must be done, yes!