December 6, 2022

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5 Tips To Be The Best Version Of Yourself, Stay Calm and Cool

People who always try to improve themselves every day will find themselves better than yesterday. Don’t set too many targets, 1% progress every day but consistent and sustainable is better than 100% target but only last a while.

It takes effort and hard work so that we can get used to implementing positive behavior, so that we can continue to develop in a better direction.

Here are some tips that you might be able to apply in order to achieve the best version of yourself.

1. Stay calm and cool, don’t be easily provoked

Emotions that are too passionate will not bring good results. Never put your emotions first when you face something that doesn’t go your way. Prioritize logic and common sense.

The key so that we can behave stay calm and stay calm in the face of various problems is to regularly manage emotions. We have to know when to channel our emotions and when to hold them back.

2. Search and try various opportunities

The more experiences we go through, the more new things we can take and apply in our daily lives. When an opportunity is presented to us, don’t hesitate to take it and give it a try.

Don’t be complacent with a life that is too calm, peaceful, as if there are no challenges. We have to grow our curiosity about something so that we continue to feel thirsty for new knowledge, so that we can be excited to look for the various opportunities that are available out there.

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3. Fight the laziness that is in you

The real biggest and toughest enemy is within yourself. Even if others criticize or ridicule you, if you don’t care and continue to do what you think is good and right, you will not be easily tempted.

However, sometimes negative feelings or emotions that are not managed properly such as feelings insecure, despair, jealousy, and lazy we give too much space and we spoil. Until the end, we still stuck at the same point without significant changes.

4. Build exercise habits

Physical health and mental health are two things that are interrelated and complement each other. If we want to live happily, then we must pay attention to the health of both of us with the same portion.

A healthy body can make us able to live the day to the fullest and full of enthusiasm. If we have a cold or just a little dizzy, we definitely feel lazy to do activities. So, from now on build a habit of exercising regularly every day so that we have a healthy physical condition.

5. Action is more important than discourse

It’s good to prepare everything carefully, but we also have to remember that no matter how perfect the plan we make, if we don’t start to do it, the plan will only be in the form of writing on paper.

We can start doing something slowly while learning so that what we do can be realized and give maximum results. The point is that action is more important than discourse.

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Those are five tips that you can apply to achieve the best version of yourself. Whatever dream or goals your life now, don’t hesitate to start making it happen.