December 6, 2022

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5 Tips To Be Closer To Your Siblings, Mingle With His Friends!

For the only child, he may think that having a sibling must be delicious. There are friends who can be chatted with, invited to go for a walk, or friends to do various other fun activities.

However, for those of you who currently have a brother or sister, you must feel that reality is not always like that. Sometimes you even make trouble, and that’s what causes you to be closer to your friends than to your own brother or sister.

Well, so that you can be close to a brother like bestie, The following will review some tips that you can apply as reported from the page Listen, come on!

1. Don’t be too strict

If you happen to be acting as an older sister, the first step to getting close to your sister, is not to be too strict. Usually because he feels much more senior, an older brother is famous for being fierce and controlling. Such an attitude can create a distance between you and your sister, you know.

Try to be a flexible older sibling. On the one hand can be assertive, especially when your sister is wrong. But, on the other hand, he can be a nice big brother.

2. Mingle with his friends

If your brother’s friends are playing at home, don’t be a jerk, okay? In fact, embrace them like you love your own brother. That way, your brother feels connected, because you also love his best friend.

3. Don’t be too angry

Among the things that make people feel at home to be close, is the attitude of humor. Therefore, try to be more relaxed and not stiff. Often joke with your brother or sister, and do not be too easily offended.

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4. Be open with him

Actually, your brother will be sad, you know, if he sees you are much more open to friends than your own brother or sister. In fact, you are related by blood. They should have a stronger loyalty to them. Therefore, try to be more open with them. It could be that they are no less fun to talk to or confide in.

5. Be supportive

How can your brother or sister be close, if you are too indifferent. When they are in trouble, there is no initiative at all to help, because they are busy. Try to improve that attitude, and care more about your own brother. Remember, you know, if anything happens, they will be the front line to help you.

Hopefully these 5 tips can help you get closer to your own brother, okay? Good luck!

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