August 8, 2022

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5 Tips so You Don’t Lose Your Spirit on Monday

Do you often hear your co-workers say I don’t like Mondays? Or are you even feeling discouraged yourself when Monday comes? This could be due to a feeling of reluctance to leave the comfort and freedom felt during the weekend. In fact, many people refer to Monday as Monsters Day.

Like it or not, you should still get back to work on Mondays. So, instead of constantly feeling disappointed and sinking into laziness, it’s better to be prepared for it. You can try the following 5 tips so that Monday is no longer an annoying day for you.

1. Get enough rest

Keeping your body fit is important so that when Monday comes you don’t run out of energy. Set your sleeping hours on weekends so you get enough rest time. By maintaining a sleep pattern, your body will be better prepared to face Monday with all its activities.

2. Start with passion

The activity throughout the day is greatly influenced by how you start your morning. Wake up with enthusiasm and positive thinking. Think that everything you are getting right now is a great gift that is very much worth being grateful for.

Keep in mind that every day, including Monday is a new opportunity to start something better.

3. New look

Something new often succeeds in building enthusiasm and dispelling laziness. Including appearance. You can try a new winnow to start Monday. That doesn’t mean you have to buy new clothes. New looks can be created by being creative through mixmatch of the clothes you have. You can also try adding details like a new scarf or brooch for example.

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4. Take care of your nutritional intake

Eat healthy foods so that your body is strong to carry out Monday activities. This can start with breakfast. Prepare a healthy menu that you like and don’t forget to meet your fluid needs by drinking enough water.

5. Take advantage of music

Listening to your favorite music can quickly change your mood for the better. You can do morning activities while listening to music and it will feel more fun. When you are in a good mood, you will be more energetic and all laziness can be driven away.

You can try the five tips above so you can have a fun Monday. Stay positive and don’t forget to have fun.