December 6, 2022

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5 Tips for Preparing Food Supplies so You’re Not in a Hurry

Bringing lunch is a good habit to do. Both for those who are still in school and those who are already working. Many advantages are obtained from the habit of bringing food supplies from home. The advantage is that in addition to being free to determine the menu itself, the food is also more hygienic and of course also more efficient.

However, one of the obstacles in getting used to bringing food supplies every day is a matter of time. Busy morning activities often feel out of balance with the time available.

So that you don’t get caught up, here are 5 tips for preparing food supplies that you can try:

1. Choose the practical menu

illustration of food supplies ( Keegan Evans)

A menu that is practical both in terms of ingredients and how to make it will certainly save you a lot of time. The fewer ingredients to prepare, the shorter the time required. That way, you will have enough time to do other things.

2. Prepare the night before

illustration of preparing lunch ( Daria Shevtsova
illustration of preparing lunch ( Shevtsova)

You can start preparing the ingredients that you will make at night. For example, cutting vegetables and storing them in a closed container in the refrigerator. You also save time doing the cutting process which is quite time-consuming for you.

3. Wake up early

wake up illustration ( / Miriam Alonso
illustration of waking up ( Alonso)

If your waking schedule is usually not enough to prepare lunch, then you need to reset your waking hours every morning. It will likely take some time before you get used to it. But if you do it consistently, eventually you will get used to it and don’t think of this as a burden.

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4. Choose favorite menu

illustration of food supplies ( Pew Nguyen
illustration of food supplies ( Nguyen)

Choosing your favorite food will affect your mood. If you feel good then doing activities feels more fun and you become excited. This condition will prevent you from delaying the work of preparing supplies because of the feeling of laziness that comes.

5. Prepare the lunch box

lunch box illustration ( Katerina Holmes.
lunch box illustration ( Holmes)

When the food is ready but you still have to look for boxes or lunch containers, of course it will be a waste of time. What’s more, if you have trouble finding it because you don’t know or forget where you saved it, you can become irritated.

Therefore, prepare the night before, make sure it is complete with a cover and other equipment such as spoons, forks and lunch bags.

So, are you ready to get used to bringing food supplies?