December 2, 2022

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5 Tips for Keeping Friendships Lasting, One of them is Maintaining Communication

Did you know that having a friend is a blessing that not everyone has. There are many cases of friends who used to be cool over time increasingly become strangers. Well, to avoid unpleasant events like that, here are five tips to keep friendships lasting.

1. Express Your Honest Feelings

Even though your best friend sometimes understands you without you even having to say it, your best friend is also only a human being. When you feel upset, disagree with his actions, or feel a difference of opinion, tell him.

Many differences of opinion between you indicate that you really trust each other to express each other’s thoughts. So friends don’t always have to be of one heart, it’s just a selfish desire that will be a ticking time bomb in the future.

On the other hand, when you feel happy or sad when you are with him. You better say it too. That way, you have made him realize that he is important to you. This will surely strengthen the relationship between you two!

2. Maintain Communication

Well, communication is also important! Do not let you contact your friends only when you are down. You don’t have to chat with him every day, but take some time, even if it’s just a greeting or asking how he’s doing.

You also have to be alert when you feel the estrangement between you. Start communicating first and invite him to meet when alienation begins to touch your relationship. Because returning those who have gone is certainly too difficult than maintaining those who have been loyal to survive all this time.

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3. Give a Surprise Once in a while

This is also a very important point in the longevity of your friendship relationship. Surprise not only on his birthday. Start surprises from the smallest things. Like visiting his house without telling him beforehand, or giving something on a weekday as a mere expression of affection. But don’t do it with selfish intentions, because that’s a sign that your treatment is not as sincere as you think all this time!

4. Tell us about your daily life

Friends are a place where we can tell whatever our problems are.”

Well, thinking like this may not be wrong, but definitely not the right thing. Friends are not a trash can or a box for your complaints. Friends are people who are close and have more meaning in your life.

There are times when humans must also experience boredom, especially when you only come to complain and spread a negative aura. Instead of just complaining, your best friend will certainly be happier when you also share your happy story.

5. Be sensitive to his feelings

There are many cases or problems that we may not even be able to share as a friend. Such as parental affairs, household, and also other things that are too private.

Well, as a friend, of course, we can’t force him to tell stories. But you can certainly feel an aura that is different from the usual him. Invite him to spend time with you, whether for a walk or just a light refresh. When he is sure of your attention, of course he will be more open with you.

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Here are 5 tips to keep friendships lasting. May be useful.