August 8, 2022

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5 Tips for Building Healthy Personal Boundaries in Relationships

Personal boundaries or self-limitation is the way a person sets about how others should behave towards him. Or it could also mean someone’s courage to tell others about what he likes and what he doesn’t, what can be done to him and what can’t, what makes him hurt and what doesn’t. By voicing this, others know how to treat them.

Everyone needs to respect other people’s personal boundaries. But in practice, not all of them dare to set healthy boundaries for themselves and many also violate the boundaries of others. Let’s see building tips personal boundaries in a healthy relationship below!

1. Understand yourself

Know what you really need, things that come completely from the heart, not because of the demands of others. Through what is convenient, you can know what boundaries need to be set. Whether in terms of material, privacy of body, mind, or certain opinion. Understand why you feel secure in some ways and threatened in others.

Through understanding, you will discover the reasons behind your actions, reactions, and feelings. You will know if there is an inner wound behind it. For example, from your childhood. You can heal wounds and expand your comfort zone. As your comfort zone expands, your tolerance for others increases. You will not be shaken and can deal calmly if someone violates your boundaries.

2. Communicate your needs

Personal Boundaries You need to convey healthy things, not just keep them inside. Especially when you feel like other people are going to break it. Before it actually happens, say that you are uncomfortable. If he continues, you can do something more assertive. Don’t hesitate to ask someone you trust for help if it’s outrageous, okay?

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3. Prioritize yourself

This is important so that you don’t become people pleaser. A people pleaser usually do not have the courage to say no, as a result, others often violate their personal boundaries. Sometimes, a people pleaser thinks that breaking boundaries is always understandable because he gets something from someone else. It could be validation, security, or some other feeling. However, he ended up not loving himself and eventually drained because he always sacrificed himself. Therefore, learn to prioritize yourself. Not by being selfish and ignoring others, but by communicating openly. So, other people will feel appreciated.

4. Face your fears

Fear is often a barrier to say what you want to say. Supposedly, conveying what you feel is not an arena for argument. It’s all about your limits. But often, other people who are not emotionally present are incapable of understanding this. Even so, keep using your voice, don’t just sit back and keep it to yourself. Face your fears by speaking up. Don’t expect the response. Holding onto things for the sake of peace is not good for long-term relationships and your mental health.

5. Validate your feelings

Everything you feel when something happens is true because it fits within your limits. Validate your own feelings. But remember, the validation is not to completely blame others, but to understand yourself better. After you communicate with the other person, he or she may apologize and explain the reason for his actions. If they are both open like this, in the future the relationship will be better because there is an understanding of each other.

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Those are five building tips personal boundaries healthy relationship. We need to learn to understand each other if we want to have healthy relationships with others. The principle is mutual, bidirectional, and balanced. By communicating about each other’s boundaries, it is hoped that a relationship that is built on the basis of mutual trust and protection will emerge.