September 27, 2022

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5 Things That Cause You Sudden Hiccups, Emotions One of them

Hiccups are a normal condition experienced by many people. In fact, babies in the womb can also experience it. Hiccups are harmless and will go away on their own. However, many people are bothered by this situation. So what causes hiccups? Here are 4 causes of hiccups summarized from the hellosehat page.

1. Contraction of the diaphragm

Hiccups are mainly caused by contractions or tightening of the diaphragm, the muscle located between the chest and abdominal cavities. These contractions can occur suddenly without being controlled.

This causes air from outside to enter the lungs quickly. Furthermore, the epiglottic valve behind the tongue must close immediately so that food, drink, or saliva does not get sucked into the lungs. The closure of the epiglottis is what causes the ‘hic’ sound when hiccupping.

2. Eat fast and a lot

One of the most common causes of hiccups is eating large meals in a hurry. Eating a lot will make the stomach expand so that it pushes the diaphragm to contract. This is what triggers the sound during hiccups.

3. Certain foods

Certain foods can also cause hiccups, especially dry or spicy foods. Dry foods, such as bread, are harder to chew or swallow than soft foods. This causes the nerves in the esophagus to be stimulated and triggers contraction of the diaphragm, causing hiccups. Consumption of spicy food also has the same effect.

4. Sudden temperature changes in the esophagus

The next cause of hiccups is related to sudden changes in temperature in the esophagus. A sudden rise or fall in temperature will stimulate the diaphragm to contract excessively.

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Then the nerves in the esophagus will be sensitive when exposed to very hot or cold food and drinks. In addition to food factors, the condition of the body that moves from place to place with drastic changes in temperature also affects the esophagus.

5. Excessive emotions

It turns out that emotions in yourself can also cause hiccups, be it negative emotions or positive emotions. Being overly happy or stressed can cause hiccups. It is not known for certain that this emotion can trigger a reaction in the diaphragm. It is possible that this phenomenon is related to certain hormones, such as dopamine.

That’s 5 causes of hiccups that are often experienced by many people. What do you think is the most common cause?