August 8, 2022

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5 Things That Can Help You Find Story Ideas, Interested in Trying It?

For those of you who have a hobby of composing fiction stories (both beginners and those who are used to it), of course you are already familiar with story ideas. So, what is a story idea?

The story idea is the whole idea to be conveyed through a series of stories. And usually, story ideas can be stored in our brains long before we write them down; and actually, all the events that we experience and observe can also be used as story ideas. However, many writers (both beginners and experienced) still find it difficult to find story ideas. This time, I will share some things that can make you find story ideas. These include the following:

1. Read a lot

The first thing that can help you find story ideas is to read a lot. Because, by reading we can know the ideas and ways of conveying other people. And, even though what we write is fiction, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read non-fiction writings such as articles, journals, essays, and news. In fact, it is very necessary, because non-fiction writing can make our writing more weighty and not dry.

2. Lots of walks

The second thing that can help you in finding story ideas is a lot of sightseeing. However, the roads in question are not roads that have to spend a lot of money, but roads that just add to your insight and experience. Because, with frequent walks, you will see the outside world, and of course it can increase your experience and understanding which of course can be used as story ideas.

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3. Chatting a lot

The third thing that can help you find story ideas is to chat a lot. Because, when we chat, we can immediately catch various things that are conveyed by the other person, and often this is a unique event. Therefore, we can make chatting activities as a means to find our story ideas. And because, a good writer is also a good listener.

4. A lot of contemplation

The fourth thing that can help you find story ideas is to reflect a lot. However, the contemplation is not contemplating alone or meditating in certain places, but evaluating oneself in the hope of becoming a better person. That way, in addition to being a wiser person, the wisdom we have can be used as story ideas, so that the stories we make can highlight positive things.

5. Observing a lot

The fifth and last thing that can help you find story ideas is to observe a lot. Because, by observing a lot, we will become a person who understands a problem more intensively. And of course, by becoming a person who understands more about an issue, we will become a person who can accept various perspectives or points of view, which of course can enrich our understanding so that we can use it as a reference for our story ideas.

That was a little review of “5 Things That Can Help You Find Story Ideas.” This review is my personal review based on my experiences and observations. That’s all I want to say, hopefully useful. Thank you