October 1, 2022


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5 Things Quiet Guys Do When In Love, Have You Ever Experienced Them?

Quiet people generally find it difficult to express their feelings. That’s why you have to be more sensitive to see signs of whether your crush has the same feelings.

Well, if by chance the man you like is the quiet type, identify what things a quiet man usually does when he falls in love with a woman. Who knows, it turns out that he often shows his characteristics. Come on, let’s find out!

1. He becomes quieter when you are around

Men who are in love will try to make a good impression. He also becomes afraid of making mistakes or doing strange things in front of you. That’s why every time he’s near you, he who is already quiet becomes more and more quiet. Worried about wrong words or actions and giving a negative impression in front of you.

2. Avoid eye contact

Quiet men usually prefer to watch from a distance or pay attention to the woman he loves without being noticed. When meeting in person, he hides his feelings by avoiding eye contact. Worried about finding out if he has special feelings for you!

3. He gets tensed when he’s close to you

Does your crush often become suddenly stiff and seem tense when you are close to him? If so, it could indicate that he has special feelings for you, you know. Because a man who doesn’t have any feelings for you will get used to it.

4. Often nervous when talking to you

Another characteristic when a quiet man is in love, is that he likes to be nervous when conversing with the woman he likes. In fact, when chatting with other friends it’s normal. But, every time it’s his turn to talk to you, he’s like a curmudgeon and nervous.

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5. He did something unexpected

Quiet men usually don’t really like being involved in crowds. However, in order to leave an impression in front of the woman he likes, usually a quiet man will be reckless. Therefore, if a male friend of yours suddenly does something unexpected, it could be done to impress you, you know.

Well, those are some of the things that quiet men often do when they fall in love. How, does your crush show these characteristics? If so, chances are that your feelings are not one-sided, you know!