August 14, 2022

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5 Symptoms of Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis that You Need to Watch Out for, One of them is Fever

Tuberculosis (TB) is a respiratory tract infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease sometimes does not cause serious symptoms in sufferers so that they do not know if they are infected.

People without symptoms are usually called patients with latent TB, because the bacteria of this disease seem to be “sleeping” in the lungs, while patients with active disease bacteria will experience symptoms, one of which is a long cough that doesn’t heal.

Symptoms of cough in TB sufferers are sometimes ignored because they are considered just a normal cough. But be careful coughing that lasts more than 2 weeks should be checked immediately for fear it is a symptom of a serious illness such as tuberculosis. Quoted from page hellodoc The following are the symptoms of TB to watch out for:

1. A long cough usually more than 2 weeks

Be careful if you have a cough for more than 2 weeks, this could be a sign that you are having problems with the respiratory tract, especially the lungs. Cough is the body’s response to infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. The response can be a cough with phlegm or no phlegm.

However, there are some cases that do not trigger an increase in mucus production so that people with TB experience a dry cough. In severe conditions, the cough experienced is sometimes accompanied by bleeding.

2. Experiencing shortness of breath

Because there is inflammation that increases mucus production and the buildup of dead cells in the lungs causes air exchange barriers to occur to the lungs so that people with TB experience shortness of breath.

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3. Have a fever

People who are infected with TB bacteria will usually experience a fever because of the reaction of the system to fight the bacteria that causes TB.

4. Often sweats at night

A person suffering from tuberculosis will usually sweat at night even though they are not doing activities that can trigger sweating. People with TB will also usually experience weakness and pain in the joint muscles

5. There is a drastic change in body weight

Body weight in people with TB will usually experience a drastic decrease due to decreased appetite and continuous form which makes it difficult to swallow food.

Those are the five symptoms of active pulmonary tuberculosis that need to be watched out for. Be careful if you experience drastic weight loss and are accompanied by the 4 symptoms above, it could be a symptom of TB. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms, do not delay because it can worsen your condition if treated too late.